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All workshops are designed with Growth in mind. Clients describe them as "holistic", "very hands-on", "informative" and "more fun than I have had in years!"

Workshops run regularly and can also be customized to fit your groups' needs. Specifically workshops focus on:

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs and outdated assumptions

  • Challenging your perceptions about yourself and others

  • Discovering your whole self

  • Learning how to communicate your needs with others

  • Reclaiming wisdom you have forgotten 

  • Connecting with intuition and inner-knowing 

  • Gaining insight into who you truly are and areas you would like to grow  

Click on some of our more popular workshops to learn more: 



Grow in your living room! * pants optional

Employees working from home are experiencing high levels of stress due to balancing multiple roles, future uncertainty, and inability to access what usually keeps them happy and healthy. 

These ONLINE workshops for small to medium sized groups are via Zoom. Despite being digital, they are engaging, interactive, hands and hearts-on.  

My specialty is providing groups with realistic, helpful tools for holistic well-being, and mental/emotional resilience.

Introducing: My-Quest

A Heroic Journey of Self-Discovery

My-Quest is a 4 week group-coaching experience designed to transform the perception of your life story. 

If you know you are meant for MORE, and are ready to answer your call to adventure, join us!



A Mother's Journey

Mum-Quest is a nurturing space for mothers to reconnect with themselves and others through intimate practice of Growth-play activities. 

If you know you need intentional time and space to care for yourself, join us!

Click on one of our other workshops here


Grab a bite and grow

through Creative Depth Play

An interactive way to explore your whole self through artistic (and yummy) play!

Discover and embrace your whole self through this creative exploration

Create using your deepest, most intuitive self, then learn more about what your art is trying to express

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