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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have never heard of a Growth Coach...what is that?

A Growth Coach is a life coach who focuses solely on your personal Growth and development. This type of Growth brings about holistic wellness, wholeness, and a connection to your true self. We focus more on deep, profound truths of who you are and why you are here, rather than goal-setting or productivity.  


Do you offer single sessions?

I offer single sessions for coaching called "Quick Quests" and "HSP-101". These are both 90 minute video calls that can be super-efficient for those who only need a nudge in the right direction. For certain hypnotherapy sessions (such as past life regression or life-between-lives sessions, I offer single hypnotherapy sessions, but I encourage at least 2 sessions of hypnotherapy in order for you to properly integrate your life-changing experiences.  

Why are packages sold in groups of 2 or 4?

Coaching and Hypnotherapy packages come in groups of 2 (4,6,8) because I have found that the most important aspect to your inner-journey is not the journey itself, but the integration of it. Multiple sessions allow combinations of coaching with hypnotherapy for best integration. 

What is the difference between a Growth-Quest and a Hypno-Quest?

A Hypno-Quest is a client-centered hypnotherapy experience that is not "suggestive hypnosis", but a guided trance in which you participate fully that leads to remarkable insights from your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, past lives, and more. Hypno-Quests can vary in length and focus. A Growth-Quest is a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy. 

Spiral Stairs

What happens during a Hypno-Quest?

Hypno-Quests are between 60- 90 -120 minute sessions: the first 30 minutes are used for preparation and/or integration of the previous session, and the remaining minutes are spent in hypnotic trance. Clients are safely induced into a hypnotic state and guided into their unconscious where they are in control of their own experience. You will verbally describe your experience as it occurs, but have a trained, certified hypnotherapist alongside you as you explore journeys such as: communicating with your higher self/unconscious, Spirit Guides, deceased friends/families, past lives, retrieval of lost parts of You, and much more (topics can be chosen in your Discovery Call). You are in control of the session and will never be led anywhere you do not want to go. You will remember your entire session, but will also be provided a recording.  

I don't think I can be hypnotized, would a Hypno-Quest work for me?

Despite popular belief, most people are able to be hypnotized. However, if you are one of the few who can relax enough to be put into a trance state, I recommend using this link to determine if you are comfortable with and/or able to undergo hypnosis. 


What kinds of reasons would someone choose a Hypno-Quest?

Clients who are attracted to Hypno-Quests tend to enjoy finding the answers to their own questions and solving their own problems (almost instantly). Because it is self-guided, it can feel much more visceral and life-changing than a coaching session. Journeys focus on your "transpersonal Self": versions of you that are not necessarily depicted in your everyday life: a Higher Self, past-lives, your Soul, Spirit Guides, or other metaphysical versions of You. I do not focus on things like smoking cessation or weight-loss, but these can be outcomes of the self-discovery that occurs in this type of hypnotherapy. 

What is QHHT®? How can it help me?

QHHT® or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a fascinating method of hypnotherapy that uses the deepest trance state possible (somnambulistic) which allows you to access your Subconscious/Higher Self in order to learn your life purpose, how past lives are affecting you, and an intense body scan/healing for any ailments you may have. Many clients report healing of mind/body/soul issues within one session. This is a long session (5 hours) and brings you profound peace, comfort, and healing.   

Do you only work with Highly Sensitive People?

I describe myself as a "Hypnotherapist for Sensitives" because my specialty is working with Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Empaths, and Intuitives, but I have and do see all sorts of clients. Wondering if you are HSP? Take this Quiz. 

Do you offer workshops?

YES! My favorite part of my job is offering live (or virtual) workshops for small or large groups of people. We can discuss the topic, but some I have hosted in the past include: "Hero/Heroine's Journey work", "How Sensitivity is a Superpower", "Embodiment for Everyday Life", "A Mother's Journey", and much more.  

How can I hire you to host a virtual/live workshop for my group?

Reach out to me via email:

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