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Dr. Katie T. Larson, Ph.D. is a Growth & Transformation Specialist and founder of GrowthQuests. She has helped initiate lifelong, personal Growth in thousands of individuals for over 20 years using proven, holistic techniques. She is well known for creating “Quests”—inner journeys—that offer opportunities to explore your life from deeper perspectives, bringing more purpose, meaning and joy. Her unique coaching approaches have been influenced by her background as an educator, diverse cultural exchanges, rigorous professional and academic career, and extraordinary spiritual experiences.


One of Dr. Larson’s most unusual specialities is helping individuals integrate indescribable transformative experiences that may be rarely spoken about, but still profoundly life-changing. Her expertise comes from an encyclopedic knowledge of all things esoteric, her doctoral research on peak transformative experiences, and countless personal experiences with the supernatural and metaphysical.  


Born a nature lover, Katie began her career helping others appreciate the living world by first teaching high school science and then instructing educators from zoos, museums, and schools. She holds a B.S. from University of Iowa and a M.A.T. in Biology from Miami University. 


It was while working closely with local people as a field biologist in Kenya, Mongolia, and Borneo that she became passionate about cultural exchanges as forms of personal transformation. This led to an enthusiasm for studying growth and development which evolved into a dissertation on Transformative Learning and a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change from Antioch University. 


Dr. Larson has worked worldwide for over a decade as an educator and consultant for international schools, NGOS and private institutions. She has led groups of all sizes on nearly every continent through reflective practices designed to foster leadership development, creative problem solving, and personal transformation.


Using her multi-disciplined expertise, she created a boutique consultancy, Transform U which consulted learning organizations on how to best recognize hidden opportunities for self-development. Her search for more hands-on, archetypal models of self-discovery led her to a certification in Creative Depth Coaching from JourneyPath Institute. 


Complementing her thorough scientific background is a lifetime of Dr. Larson’s spiritual encounters, which have currently led her to a pursuit of a Spiritual Emergence Coaching certification from Integrative Mental Health for You. In fact, it is because of her broad understanding of both scientific and spiritual phenomena that she feels called now more than ever to share holistic perspectives on how to embrace the change occuring on personal and planetary levels. 


Dr. Larson takes pride in being a professional mentor to young women and girls through the Wandering Scholar and Journey of Young Women programs, as well as an active volunteer with Animals Asia alongside her therapy dog, Annie. 


She is an acclaimed performance storyteller, published author of a best-selling children’s book, TEDx Speaker, and workshop facilitator for international conferences, retreats and festivals. She and her work have been featured in international radio, podcasts, newspapers, and television. 


When she is not helping GrowthQuests clients, Dr. Larson can be found chasing her toddler in the forests and beaches of Hong Kong. Her favorite pastime is traveling (she’s been to over 30 countries and yes, New Zealand is her fave), but she’ll settle for cozying up to a good book with a green tea latte! Never one to stop learning, just for fun, she is diving deeper into studying altered states of consciousness, Quantum Healing, and esoteric mythology.