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Hypnotherapy Journey

Unlock the power of your unconscious and higher Self! 
 "I am still in awe of the wisdom I had within me... just waiting to be unlocked..." 
--- K.M., Canada

Align to your most authentic self by exploring the depths of your unconscious. 

Discover life-changing insights during these hypnotherapy sessions. The overall questions that most Hypno-Quests addresses is: "Who am I really and why am I here?"Break through any barriers that have been preventing you from living a more full, connected, and authentic life.

Through the tool of hypnosis, you will safely explore the deep wisdom of your unconscious and Higher Self. All sessions are client-led and you participate fully, meaning you will personally experience your journey in a trance-state, narrating as you go so you can re-listen to it on an audio recording.

Hypno-Quests take many forms, but I describe some of my favorite sessions to offer here. If you are completely new to hypnotherapy, a helpful FAQ can be found here.)  

Clients leave a Hypno-Quest with a completely transformed perspective that allows you to orient yourself toward a bigger, deeper, or more meaningful existence. You (often instantly!) solve your own problems, remove your own blocks, and heal issues you have had for years, simply by taking this Quest with me. 

Sample sessions may include: 

+ Meeting your Higher Self or Spirit Guides

+ Regression-therapy to discover origins for pain/phobias/blocks and heal them

+ Past Life Regressions to discover your multidimensional self

+ Life-between-life sessions to discover your life's purpose, soul-contracts, and "life-team"

+ Golden-thread to find your life's purpose and create a more aligned life 


I only accept clients after a (Free) 30 minute discovery call so we can see which type of session works best for you, so please reach out! 


Explore your transpersonal Self in this hypnosis-based experience

with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join from anywhere in the world!

In this package you will receive: 

  • One or more 90 min hypnosis sessions

  • One guided meditation for self-hypnosis

  • 3 month Unlimited Email or Voice note support

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