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Coaching Call

Understand what it means to be Highly Sensitive in a less sensitive world. 
"I am a 59 year old who just learned about High Sensitivity. One session with Dr. Katie felt like ten years of therapy: I finally felt understood and could make sense of my sensitivity from such a helpful perspective!"
--- K.F., Australia

High Sensitivity is not a rare trait! In fact, at least one in five of us (20%!) are born with this hereditary trait that can feel like a blessing and a curse! Want to know if you are HSP, take this free Quiz!

Having a more active nervous system allows us the blessing of tasting every flavor in a good glass of wine, and the curse of overstimulation from a noisy bar! It's a life a paradoxes that can be more easily navigated with the right tools. 

An HSP-101 Coaching call is an engaging, interactive video call that is paired with my FREE HSP-Kit. We discuss each section of the kit as if it is a road map to a successful life as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).



As an added bonus, you will receive a month of voice note support to continue your reflections and Growth experiences.    


Learn about your High Sensitivity

in this engaging coaching call! 

with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join from anywhere in the world!

In this package you will receive: 

  • One 90 minute coaching call and signature HSP-Kit for a deep understanding of High Sensitivity 

  • 4 weeks voice note or email support 

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