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Yes, it all started with a fern...

The fern as a journey...


As long as I can recall, I have loved ferns (yes that is my fern-tattooed foot!). As my personal "spirit-plant", a fern represents many symbolic truths about the way "it all works".  

First, a fern's fractal nature shows how a part and the whole can exist simultaneously. As above, so below-- our personal experience creates the planetary consciousness.   

And, a fern represents the fractal relationship between the long arc of our whole life journey and the smaller journeys--"Quests" within.

Fern leaf

I was fortunate enough to research a topic that was close to my heart for my PhD: Transformative Learning. This type of learning focuses on how people grow and transform their perceptions of themselves and the world. 


Surprisingly, not only is there a relatively predictable pattern to most personal transformation, but this pattern is not new. It is a timeless, spiral pattern that shows up in nature, ancient myths, and modern stories. The more I thoroughly researched, the more I understood the connection between my own life journey's arc and the mini "Quests" within. That deepened my love for ferns even more...  

Spiral Growth...

Ferns begin life as a tightly-wound spiral full of mini-spirals. Each of the smaller spirals mimic the larger. Symbolically your entire life journey is the large spiral, and the mini-spirals are the Quests within. You repeat similar patterns and lessons over and over again because they are tied to your life's purpose...

Most of your Quests probably feel unique, but actually many of them follow ancient, universal frameworks that we have known about for millennia (but often forget). 

If you knew how this universal cycle unfolded, could you use it to Let Yourself Unfold?  I think so...

I even created a "Quest-Map" to help my clients understand how your personal journey mimics all great mythological journeys. 

01 - Quest map - English - Mod.jpg

GrowthQuests was born ...

"Let Yourself Unfold"

You can't force growth. It unfolds as it is meant to, and as it does it allows you to engage in self-discovery that points toward your life purposes. For most people there tends to be one main life-purpose in their long journey, and hundreds (if not thousands) of mini-purposes (which are just as important) in their smaller Quests. I help guide these Quests through coaching and hypnotherapy. 

One of my mini-purposes is to help my clients trust the Quests they are on by becoming fully present to the Growth happening within them. Once you can embrace it, your life becomes more meaningful, purposeful, and joyful. You become more aware of how your personal Growth will influence the community because despite Quests being deeply personal, they are always meant to be shared.  

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