Join a Personal Quest and journey alongside a Growth Coach

Personal Quests are individual coaching sessions that bring you on an inner-journey of Growth. You will not only experience rich, engaging conversations, but you will gain hands-on experience with HOW to practice transformation through Growth-Play activities. You can't just think your way to Growth, but have to physically experience it, and Growth-Play is the perfect safe, fun way to do that!

A Growth coach is a supportive guide who is focused on your holistic well-being in the direction of growth. By using transformation-inducing methods and unique "Growth-Play" activities, a Growth Coach encourages your growth mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  

Why work with a Growth Coach?

Choosing a coach is one of the most meaningful, life-changing choices you will ever make. When you are ready to unfold into a more authentic, joyous, and whole version of yourself, a Growth Coach can be the catalyst, support, and guide through your multi-dimensional journey.

Unlike other types of coaches who may be focused solely on your work-productivity, or a specific goal, a Growth Coach takes into account your overall well-being and encourages you to reach new heights, visit wider expanses, and explore deeper aspects of yourself. All parts of your life will be influenced, not just your career. 

Personal Quests are "inner-journeys" that exist multi-dimensionally (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually). When you think of an outer-journey, you know you are GOING somewhere, but on an inner-journey, you are GROWING somewhere

For example, perhaps you are going through a transition at work -- as this inner-journey unfolds you must be able to Grow: your patience, creativity, self-awareness, and maybe even intuition for when it's time to leave.  

Some clients join a Growth-Quest when they are in a transition and need support with their new way of being in the world. For example, perhaps you have recently become a parent, and you're capable of the physical tasks it takes, but you haven't had time or space to Grow into the new emotional skills you need.  

Other clients join a Depth-Quest when they recognize they are in an awakening and Growing their spiritual practices gives them more meaning, purpose, and joy. 

Because inner-journeys are invisible (and feel messy!) a Growth Coach gives you the structure you crave to make Personal Quests more manageable, navigable, and transformative. 

30 Minute Complimentary Call

Let's see if we are a good fit! Click here for a 30 minute complimentary coaching video call. 

90 minute


Quick-Quests are perfect for anyone who wants a quick push in the direction of Growth. 


Take a tour of your inner-world with this holistic journey of self-discovery. Grow into who you are meant to become.


Live deeply by embracing all dimensions of Growth. Tune into how your mind, body, and soul connect.

GrowthQuests is based in Hong Kong and is available for local and global workshops 

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