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I am the founder, Dr. Katie T. Larson

I've worn many hats and shown various faces to the world.

Wife. Mother. Educator. Scientist. Mentor. Consultant. Author. Researcher. Storyteller. Coach.  


Each of my Quests brought me personal Growth and closer to building GrowthQuests...  

I Love Growth (well...most of the time)

Once a friend called me a "Renaissance-Woman" because I am "always trying to grow more and more". It's true -- I have an insatiable desire to grow just beyond my comfort zone by trying new things, pushing my boundaries, and reinventing myself. 

That doesn't mean some of this growth didn't hurt. I have had my fair share of pain, desperation, anxiety, and failure too...but on the other side of these hurts is always a wiser, stronger, more whole version of me. 

There are deep, meaningful lessons packed into the most challenging times, and it's this potential for growth that I like to explore ... 

Speaking of exploring...

I Love Quests (well... most of the time)

I've been a Quester since childhood. Whether it was exploring my backyard or the pages of science books in my local library, I found my bliss whenever I embarked on an adventure -- no matter how big or small.

When I was 22, I idealistically spun a globe and told myself I would live wherever my finger landed. After ending up in the Pacific Ocean (!), I slid it south to New Zealand... and moved there shortly after! That changed the trajectory of my life forever...

Soon my adventures reached far beyond my backyard! As a scientist and international educator I worked with locals in the rain forests of Costa Rica and Borneo, mountains of Peru, and the Mongolian and Kenyan grasslands. Later, I consulted NGO clients in South Africa, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. My dream of seeing the world came true.

These Quests were fun and exciting, but also very challenging. Navigating foreign lands and cultures can be confusing, lonely, and exhausting. But each adventure brought me more flexibility, adaptability, and creative problem solving. Traveling the world brought me more wisdom than any book could...

Speaking of books...

My childhood library explorations evolved into university research and two graduate degrees: a Master's in the Art of Teaching and a PhD in Leadership and Change focusing on Transformative Learning.

My studies have always been closely aligned with understanding how individuals can use their growth to better themselves and their community. My research was diverse and holistic ranging from neuroscience to philosophy and mythology.

There were plenty of times I wanted to quit my higher education. Life kept getting in the way of my studies, especially making my PhD difficult to finish. Yet, I knew my journey was never meant to be easy and I learned just as much through my persistence as the degree themselves. 

Additionally I became a TEDxSpeakerpublished author, Certified JourneyCircles™ Facilitator, and Creative Depth Coach through JourneyPath Institute. I am still pursuing learning in consciousness studies, Jungian psychology, holistic arts, and esoteric mythology. 

I Love Learning (well... most of the time)

OK, I Love Life (well... most of the time)

Of course I am also a daughter, sister, wife and mother. I enjoy creating communities online and offline because I crave authentic connections and lasting relationships. 

Honestly, I love exploring deep, meaningful expressions of what it means to be human. But this means understanding both the light and the shadow sides, so when I feel the world around me too intensely, I need to take a break here and there. I remind my clients to trust their instincts when they need to recharge as well...

I've never wanted to be anyone's guru, but instead a trusty guide on your own explorations. All of my coaching approaches have been profoundly influenced by my diverse cultural exchanges from around the globe, rigorous professional and academic career, and my personal spiritual and contemplative practices.




Subject line: "Let's Grow!"