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90 min Coaching Call

Take a short, but intense journey into your inner-world.
"I don't know how we covered so much! I was so impressed with the efficiency, seriously, Dr. Katie, how did we do this much in only 90 minutes?"
--- L.T., United Kingdom

Stuck in your head? Feeling overwhelmed? You can't think your way out of this one...

Clients leave a 90 minute Quick-Quest feeling energized, aligned, and with self-assured confidence to move forward

Quick-Quests are perfect for when you are in a "Growth-Spurt"-- but it feels like stuck-ness (and you just need a nudge in the right direction). These feel right for you if you're already well into your journey, but suddenly you need some deep insight, helpful perspectives, and effective tools to continue confidently on your path. (And -- by the way-- we all need that here and there).  

Feel fully seen and heard in an empowering and engaging 90 minute coaching call. (Or if you are in the Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL area you can choose the "Walk n' Talk" coaching option). Like all sessions with Dr. Larson-- you will get DEEP questions, her famous "soul-scavenger hunt" frameworks, and validation that even when you are stuck, the journey is worth it. You are invited to continue the conversation with Dr. Larson over email/Telegram for another four weeks to ask questions, share your revelations and celebrate your epiphanies.  

These 90 minute Transpersonal-based coaching sessions are super-efficient because before they begin, you will share some email/voice notes of background information that will help Dr. Larson know where you currently are on your journey. 

You can be anywhere in the world to enjoy a Quick-Quest! Many clients continue on for Hypnotherapy or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique sessions to go even deeper. 

Want to see if we're a good fit? Before we work together, I ask you fill out this questionnaire .  :)


Gain super-efficient insight, support, and guidance on this holistic coaching experience

with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join from anywhere in the world!

In this package you will receive: 

  • One 90 minute video call coaching session

  • Four weeks unlimited email/voice note support

  • BONUS: FREE Growth-Kit and Quest-Kit to help you continue on your path 

Your investment is: $250 USD 

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