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Highly Sensitive Person?

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Highly Sensitive and Proud

You name it, I have tried nearly every single self-discovery "test" out there: astrology (Aries sun AND moon, Scorpio rising), Meyers-Briggs (ENFP), Ennegram (2 and 7), but NOTHING was more accurate than when I read the description of what a Highly Sensitive Person is from Dr. Elaine Aron's website. Suddenly I had a way to understand seemingly disparate traits like my aversion to tags (!) and my empathic gifts.. even my attraction to hypnotherapy and coaching!


Are you Sensitive too?

Highly Sensitive People represent 15-20% of the global population. We tend to experience the world deeply and our emotions strongly. We have gone by other names throughout history, "Artist", "Storyteller", "Healer", "Philosopher", "Priest" and more... 

We are able to perceive subtleties in our environment that the other 80% cannot, so we can get easily overwhelmed. We tend to have a narrow 'optimal arousal' between boredom and over-stimulation. fMRI studies show that our nervous system is also more active and can cause unique gifts and challenges as a result (we are quick-witted but easily startled). 

30% of us are extroverts (me!), while 70% are introverts. We are evenly distributed among the genders: 50% identify as men, 50% as women. We do not necessarily have a more difficult life than others, but we do tend to feel "differently" and may have a hard time "finding the others". 

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