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"I'm Awakening!"
Spiritual Emergence Support

If you are "waking up", you are not alone. 
"Two years ago, I started to remember why I am on Earth. Suddenly my gifts and sensitivities became heightened and I felt like I had understand how to take advantage of these. And most importantly: find the others!"
--- T.R., United Kingdom

Often after a peak experience (like a Hypno-Quest) or simply through cosmic timing, many of us experience a spiritual awakening that can be hard to describe, but is undeniable

You may feel as if your senses have heightened, your abilities to see and understand truth is sharpened, and your purpose on Earth is becoming clearer.


In a Spiritual Emergence, you are undergoing a process of positive change that brings a deepening of insight and understanding. It can be a lonely process, but the good news is: you are not alone -- many of us have gone through or are going through this now.  

If you would like support from a certified Spiritual Emergence coach to better understand and embrace your awakening, join me for at least one engaging call that will create a unique resource kit for your specific journey. In addition, you will have an optional Hypnotherapy session that can reconnect you with your Higher Self to maintain divine guidance

Enjoy 4 more weeks of email or voice note support to continue your reflections and Growth experiences.


Awakening is an exciting part of being alive right now-- and it does not have to feel lonely.    

"I'm Awakening"
Spiritual Support

Embrace your Spiritual Emergence

with a coaching call and additional support 

with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join from anywhere in the world!

In this package you will receive: 

  • At least one 90 minute coaching call and customized resource kit for your unique journey

  • Potential Hypnotherapy or QHHT support

  • 4 weeks voice note or email support 

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