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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®)

Connect to your Higher Self: remember your life purposes and heal! 
 "This experience has changed my life. I wish I had done this sooner
--- G.T., United States

Access the part of you that holds all the answers... heal yourself and ​create the changes you need to flourish. 

Clients leave a QHH session feeling aware of who they are on a multidimensional level, more authentically aligned to the life-plan and purposes they planned before birth, aware of any karmic relationships they've carried into this life, and healed in mind, body, and soul.

QHHT® is based on the work of renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon and is a powerful tool to access the all-knowing part of ourselves that has been called The Higher Self, The Subconscious, or even the Soul itself. 

Clients who are interested in a QHHT® session tend to have a longing to reconnect with their Soul for many reasons. Perhaps you are having past life memories, or pre-birth memories that you chose to incarnate on Earth, or perhaps you are ready to confirm your "unusual" insights into how life in this universe really works. 

QHHT® enables people from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with what Dolores Cannon called The Subconscious (or SC) -- which resides beyond the conscious mind. The SC has unlimited knowledge and an ability to heal the mental, emotional, and physical body. Many times our ailments are rooted in trauma from past lives, or from lessons being learned in a person’s present life. While in a deep hypnotic trance, your SC will reveal the real cause of these ailments and will then assist in healing them through energetic means.

QHHT® is a long session (!), lasting between 4-5 hours for most clients. The first part is one-two hours of a spoken interview between you and Dr. Katie Larson about your life and what brings you to a session and the last part is one-two hours of being in the deepest trance possible in order to visit a past life memory, have a conversation with your SC/Higher Self, and experience a body-scan healing performed by your SC. Read more about what to expect here.   

**I only accept clients after a (Free) 30 minute discovery call so we can make sure this type of session is a fit for you, so please reach out! 

QHHT® Qhantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Connect with your Higher Self, past lives, and

heal in this hypnosis-based experience

with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join in-person in St. Petersburg, FL, USA!

In this package you will receive: 

  • One 60-120 min interview (*required for first session)

  • One 60-120 min QHHT hypnosis session

  • 3 month Unlimited Email or Voice note support

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