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What to expect in a QHHT® Session

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® is a method of hypnosis made famous by the late, world-renowned hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon. It is a long session (about 5 hours) and many people report that these sessions have dramatic healing powers in all areas of their life (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

The following will help you better know what to expect in a session!

To Prepare:

Create a list of questions for the Subconscious (Higher Self) and any physical or mental/emotional symptoms that you would like addressed. These will be given to Dr. Katie during your interview and described a bit more in detail, so that when you are in a very relaxed state of theta hypnosis, Dr. Katie will communicate with your Subconscious and get any answers you may need.

Pack a light snack/lunch to eat in between your interview and your hypnosis session. Please only easy-to-digest foods that will not trouble your stomach or cause you to feel too full.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol the night before. (Some people report that a low dose of melatonin (less than 3mg) helps them with the visualization, but it is not necessary).

What to Expect:

Interview (1-2 hours):

Upon arrival, you and Dr. Katie will have a 1 to 2 hour interview about your life. (For many people, this part of the session can feel therapeutic in its own way!) The interview is to help you and Dr. Katie to understand what is most relevant/important for you to uncover about yourself.

Here you will focus on the “cast of characters” that define your life, any common themes, underlying issues/challenges, and potential traumas or difficulties you have experienced. Sometimes you may have existential questions or high-level concerns about humanity or your place in the world, which we unpack a bit here as well.

We will go through your list of questions and health concerns in order to address them when you are in hypnosis.

SNACK TIME (15 minutes):

We take a quick break to eat a light snack and use the bathroom!

Hypnotic Induction and Trance (2 hours total):

Upon a comfortable recliner/bed/sofa you will be gently guided through a hypnotic induction that allows you to thoroughly relax your mind, body, and soul. Most people describe this process as being guided to a deep sleep, but maintaining an awareness of your dream-state.

Each person experiences this uniquely: some are mostly visual, others are mostly auditory, or others have a “knowing” or felt-sense of this experience, but you will be able to trust your experience and partake in various aspects of your unconscious in this state –ultimately leading to a past/other life).

Past/Other Life:

Most clients experience an Earth past life memory during their session, but others may recall a “parallel” or “other life” that is just as unique.

You will be guided through this life by experiencing several significant moments, including your death (which you will observe from third-person). You will be guided to a space/time that you go to after your death and from here you will be allowed to understand the lessons that this other life offered your soul at that time.

Subconscious/Higher Self Discussion:

We will then bring in your Subconscious/Higher Self to discuss the reasons behind the life you have just witnessed as well as any questions and/or physical issues you have brought in. We perform a body scan in order to heal any energetically-caused health issues that can be attended to by the Subconscious.

Many clients find this aspect of the session quite remarkable upon listening to the recording afterwards because you will notice your demeanor and voice will definitely change and some people may not remember this part of the session at all (which is precisely why we record it!).

All of the questions you brought will be asked by Dr. Katie and “channeled” responses will be given by your Subconscious through your voice. Many people enjoy listening to the responses because they can be quite different from your own way of responding!

Return to a Waking State/Reflection (15-30 minutes):

After two hours of being in a trance state, you will be gently brought back to a waking state. Most people feel a bit groggy for the first few minutes (and everyone must pee!), but after drinking water and eating a bit of a sugary snack (Dr. Katie provides, but you can bring your favorite!), you will feel refreshed and often like you had the best night’s sleep of your life!

We then discuss your session from a conscious-perspective and you are welcome to describe your experience or ask any questions you may have about parts you may not remember (you will be provided with written notes and an audio recording shortly after your session).

Ongoing Support:

Dr. Katie uses email and the Telegram app to allow you to process/integrate your experience for 3 months after the session. She finds that most clients notice amazing results in the first 2 weeks following a session, but she provides a longer safe space for you to continue to unfold into the new version of yourself.

Follow up integration calls can be booked under “90 minute Quick Quest” if you prefer more than voice notes/email support.

Ready for your QHHT session? Book a Discovery Call first!

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