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What to expect in a Hypno-Quest Hypnotherapy Session

Taking a substance-free inner-journey is the best way to deeply explore your Self!

What is a Hypno-Quest?

Imagine living in a house your entire life and then suddenly one day you discover it has a basement...and an attic! That is the kind of surprise clients feel when they experience a Hypno-Quest for the first time... there has been an entire aspect of their existence that they haven't realized...until now.

While every Hypno-Quest is different, they all tend to follow a similar pattern, but lead to very different (and fascinating) conclusions.

All Hypno-Quests can be done in person or online. Before booking your session, I ask that clients book a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call that allows you to chat with me about what you are looking to explore. We tend to focus on one or a small handful of goals and directions to explore and away we go!

Hypno-Quests are what I call hypnotherapy sessions because you are essentially going on an inner-journey in a hypnotic state. You are brought to a very relaxed, trance state, which means your mind and body will relax so completely that you begin to feel like you are in the state between waking and dreaming. You are in control the entire time, and can communicate your needs if you are uncomfortable.

What is “Hypnotherapy” exactly?

Hypnotherapy is different from Hypnosis (which is more suggestion-based) as it is a client-led, engaging process that allows you to interact with me the entire time. Essentially you are narrating your experience aloud as you go both for the recording and for me to help guide you along.

Hypnotherapy sessions tend to last between 60-90 minutes depending on your energy level and the depth of your experience. I closely monitor your energy and engagement and allow you to gently conclude any questions or experiences from your journey before bringing you up from a trance state. This can vary from person to person, but unless you are experiencing a “Life Between Lives Session” (which often last over two hours), most experiences tend to wrap up nicely around 90 minutes.

What happens in a session?

While the focus will be different for each session (for example, some choose to meet their Inner Child or Spirit Guide, while others choose to focus on a specific Past Life), the experience will definitely feel different than most of your waking life. Depending on how you engage with your inner-world, you may “see” things, “hear” messages, “feel” insight, or simply have a “knowing”. Clients have often explained that during their journeys, they will have an instant knowing/download of information and then have to slow that down to explain it aloud. Most of the time, before I am done asking a question, a client will have the answer instantly.

Sometimes the knowing is so strong, clients forget to tell me aloud what they are experiencing because it feels so familiar: like they are “remembering” something they have always known. I try to remind you to speak about what you are experiencing because the recording helps you make connections when you relisten to it. It is true that some experiences feel so amazing they are hard to describe.

Some sessions will teach you through light and others through shadows, but I make sure you are always safe, regardless of the journey you are embarking on. We energetically hold you in a loving, compassionate space whilst you explore and beyond. I make sure you are able to ask questions to your higher self or any beings who are with you on your journey, as often their answers are exactly what you are looking for.

What happens after a session?

At the end of each session, I bring you out of a hypnotic trance and we chat shortly about your experience. I encourage you to drink water to help you wake up, then we discuss some main lessons that came out of the inner-journey.

Later, if you do not have a follow-up coaching session, I make sure you have access to email and/or a voice-note app to have ongoing conversations with me as you continue to connect the dots about your experience. I have found that the first two weeks after a session are the most provocative– with amazing insights and synchronicities occurring as almost a “wink from the universe” that your experience was very real.

Often clients want to revisit their inner-world through additional Hypno-Quests, so we chat about other areas of exploration we can do together and most importantly, how to bring yourself on a similar journey when you are ready.

What do I gain from a Hypno-Quest?

Like living in a house that all along had a secret basement and attic, a Hypno-Quest is like being given a blueprint to your unconscious home: a way to explore it safely, with more confidence of what is within you and who you really are.

Personally, hypnotherapy sessions have changed my life and clients describe Hypno-Quests as, “one of the most insightful experiences I have ever had”, “an indescribable, but amazingly helpful moment”, or my favorite “the most validating human experience”.

These sessions have the power to heal unexplained health issues (especially if it is a carry-over from a past life), bring insight to traumas or emotional experiences, offer new perspectives on your childhood, or even give you confidence in your life’s purpose.

This personal growth tends to happen relatively quickly and the feedback I get in my follow up sessions is that not only are you equipped with the answers you were seeking, but with the courage to make the decisions you need to grow.

How do I book a session?

Book a FREE discovery call first, then we'll discuss how to begin your Inner-Journey! Let's Grow!

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