Unfold into who you've always been...
but have yet to become.

Finally! After all these years, you've found the description that fits you perfectly! 

"Highly Sensitive Person". 

Maybe it took you so long because HSPs have so many paradoxical traits: you love deep relationships, but people can exhaust you! You are attracted to stimulating places, but can become overstimulated and need to leave. You feel emotions strongly, but sometimes too strongly!

Welcome to the messy, beautiful journey of being a HSP! I've been waiting for you to join me...   

Who am I?

I am the founder of GrowthQuests,

Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

Wife. Mother. Educator. Scientist. Author. Storyteller. Coach. Hypnotherapist. 


I've been many roles, but I can separate them all into two distinct eras: Before and After discovering I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). 

I've had a dynamic life: courageous adventures, beautiful relationships, and a rich inner-world. But I've also been plagued by challenges like hating clothing-tags, getting startled easily, or becoming exhausted after staff meetings.

When I discovered I was a HSP, suddenly everything made sense! The same sensitivity that made me cry happy tears at beautiful sunsets made me cry sad tears at the slightest criticism. 

Through my own compassionate Self-exploration, deep studies, and embodied practices I completely embrace my High Sensitivity. I'm no longer ashamed of my challenges, (I still have them -- as will you!) but instead feel unapologetically proud of my Sensitive superpowers 

... and I want you to feel that way too.  


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Who do I work with?  

I work with consciously curious men and women who identify as Empathic or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Never labeled yourself that way? You likely:


  • Feel the world deeply, your emotions strongly, and your thoughts intensely

  • Can pick up on the subtle energies/emotions of people, animals, and even places​

  • Have felt misunderstood for much of your life -- including by yourself!

  • Are curious and attracted to meaningful, purpose-driven pursuits

  • Might describe yourself as intuitive, clairvoyant, or gifted  

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How do you benefit from working with me?  

Most importantly you will finally feel understood. 

Being Highly Sensitive can feel like a string of misunderstandings, loneliness, or even fears of being "crazy". You're not crazy, you've been given a backpack full of useful gifts that society has told you are useless, so you've ignored the tools, but still carried the heavy bag. 

I'm here to tell you it's time to unzip the bag and start using your gifts! The superpowers of Sensitivity are too good to be ignored, and I won't let you carry that heavy bag without playing with what's inside first!  (PS, I have an actual FREE tool-kit for you!)

After working with me, you will:


  • Learn how to create healthy boundaries and have the courage to use them

  • Find what grounds, recharges, and inspires you after an overstimulating or exhausting day

  • Build mutually-rewarding relationships with friends and family without burning out

  • Re-frame your core wounds, hurts, and traumas through the lens of being Sensitive in order to begin your healing journey 

  • Embody the "Big Shoes" of HSP's historical names: "Healer", "Storyteller", "Artist", "Philosopher", and "Priest" to live a more meaningful, purpose-filled life

And you will stop apologizing for being Highly Sensitive ... because you won't be sorry anymore. 



What do my clients say?  


Why am I called to this work?  

Like many HSPs, I am endlessly curious, which led me to exciting careers as a scientist, educator, author, and consultant all over the world. Somewhere between chasing monkeys in the Borneo jungle and teaching students high in the Andes, I stumbled upon my real passion: inner journey-work.  

This led me to deeper studies, including a PhD in Transformative Learning and certifications in Depth Coaching, Transpersonal Wellness, Hypnotherapy, and coaching for Spiritual Emergence. But much of my expertise comes from being born a HSP and Intuitive Empath: so I have personal insight into the Sensitive Journey we HSPs take while living in this less sensitive world.  

Through my own inner-work I am confident that I am called to help others come out of hiding, discover their superpowers, authentically express their deep feelings, and unapologetically embrace their Sensitive Self.


I work with two primary methods: coaching conversations and hypnotherapy. Each technique will creates a unique, holistic "Quest" for you that brings about immense personal Growth.

Clients have described these Quests like a "scavenger hunt for your soul". My approaches are influenced by modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and more!).and no two Quests are alike. 

Don't worry, HSP -- I promise you won't get overstimulated!

How do I work best?  

3 session


Embrace all of you on this holistic journey of self-discovery. Grow into who you've always meant to become.

90 minute


Efficient and perfect for ambitious seekers who just need a quick push in the direction of Growth. 

(NEW!) 3 session


Unlock the power of your "transpersonal" world and live the life you have dreamed of!



Why is it time to write your own story?

Where can You begin? 

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