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Stop Changing. Start Growing.

Why try to change into someone you are not, when you can start Growing into who you truly are?

Join a Quest and Let Yourself Unfold

I am the founder of GrowthQuests, Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

I am a Global "Growth Coach"a personal Growth and Transformation Specialist

It's my passion to help you learn, transform, and Grow in all areas of your personal, family, and career lives. I do this by creating unique Quests --inner journeys-- that allow you to explore your life from a deeper perspective, helping you find more purpose, meaning, and joy. These Quests may be Personal coaching sessions, Group Workshops or at-your-own-pace E-Quests.

Whether you are just beginning your journey of self-discovery or are ready to grow even more, I have a Quest waiting for you...

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Who works with me?

My clients are men and women who want to include more Growth in their lives. This Growth begins inwardly, but ultimately it extends outward to families, careers, and the larger community.  

We would work well together if you are:

Navigating something new… like a career, a move, an additional family member, or even a new way of being in the world

Feeling confused… like you know you want something different but just don’t know where to begin

Needing meaning… which can feel like a deep longing for connections to things greater than yourself

I help you embrace Growth by

guiding and supporting you through Quests.  

...and here is how I do it...

I specialize in:


Giving you opportunities to explore and express yourself creatively, deeply, and meaningfully. 

How do I work best?

I create unique, holistic experiences for my clients that bring about immense Growth. These Quests can be Personal Quests in the form of coaching, Group Quests in the form of engaging workshops, or even online in the form of at-your-own-pace E-Quests. I also consult organizations on how to bring real, meaningful growth to their valued employees.

My work is interdisciplinary and based on modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and mythological frameworks (...and lots more!).  

After working with me as a Growth Coach, my clients report feeling more focused and fulfilled, having new purpose, real clarity about their relationships, and finding overall deeper meaning in their lives.

What exactly is a Growth Coach

And why do I take you on Quests?  

What do my clients say?  

Katie, Canada

To say Katie changed my life would be an understatement. Her extremely valuable gift of intuitive guidance forever changed me. With her refreshingly scientific

 and spiritual approach, my Growthquest brought clarity and a new path in life that has left me feeling the best I've ever felt. If you don't embark on a journey with her, you're sincerely missing out

Dan, Hong Kong

I worked with Katie in between a career change ...She helped me GROW in ways I hadn't thought possible. Not only did she support me through transition, but I came away feeling more aware of who I really am and in a sense more “whole” than ever before.

Ainslie, Australia

You won't regret GrowthQuests! Katie is a fabulous facilitator and will guide and support you with compassion and care on your own Inner-Journey!

Andrew, Australia

From the first call with Katie I was immediately put at ease. Katie was an attentive listener and her framework for helping clients was so incredibly helpful. I found immediate utility and the value I received from Katie has helped me take the next steps in my life which is priceless!

Jiwoon, Hong Kong

 I was so grateful of Dr. Larson's support. The first time we met I felt instantly connected, held and listened to. She has a gift of making everything click allowing me to see the bigger, a more rounded version of who I am. If you feel stuck in your life like I did, I would highly recommend working with GrowthQuests to unlock your inner wisdom and fully show up in your life. 

I offer several Personal Quests, but my most popular is The Growth-Quest:


Want an inner-journey?


Growth-Quests are ideal if you:

Want 3 transformative sessions

Enjoy holistic approaches to wholeness

Are ready for purpose, meaning, and joy

I offer several Group Quests but the next one is "Her-Quest"

A woman's journey 

Her-Quest is a women's circle for women who traditionally don't like women circles... or even other women for that matter...

Beginning October 8th!!


Still Unsure? 


A Free Call is ideal if you want to:

See if GrowthQuests is right for you

Ask any questions you may have

Learn about Growth Coaching and You!