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Unfold into who you've always been...
but have yet to become.

Deep inside, there is a version of yourself that is waiting to be discovered.  

As you Quest for it, you Grow.  

I'll be your guide as you Let Yourself Unfold

I Recognize You...

Curiosity is your middle name...
Exploration is your game.  

You are a seeker...


You know there is more to life than meets the eye and you find clues in everything you learn.

You feel the world (and yourself) deeply...but you are not afraid of embarking on inner-journeys  of truth, health, and Growth.

You are a "Growth-Quester"...

Who am I?

Growth Quests Hypnotherapy and Coaching with Dr Katie T Larson, PhD-2_edited.jpg

Think of me as a trusted guide on your inner journey. My life's purpose is to orient you toward Growth using the tools of "Questing": hypnotherapy, coaching, and QHHT®.

I've always been a "Quester": meaning I have decades of experience exploring the world and my own psyche through the lens of High Sensitivity. Guiding clients through Growth and Transformation is why I am on Earth this time around-- because the more you Grow, the more I do too! 

More about me...

Who do I work with?  

I work with consciously curious people who identify as Empathic or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Never labeled yourself that way? You likely:


  • Feel the world deeply, your emotions strongly, and your thoughts intensely

  • Can pick up on the subtle energies/emotions of people, animals, and even places​

  • Have felt misunderstood for much of your life -- including by yourself!

  • Are endlessly curious and attracted to meaningful, purpose-driven pursuits

Still on the fence about being a HSP? Take this Quiz!


How do you benefit from working with me?  

My clients have described working with me as a "scavenger hunt for their soul". :) 

Because each Quest is unique to YOU: we create an intimate, safe space to hunt for the clues for what your soul needs to GROW at this time.  

Real Growth offers joy, but also purpose, meaning, and most importantly, healing

Your Quests will bring other benefits like: 

  • Letting go of any conscious or unconscious blocks

  • Healing health issues, traumatic wounds, and energetic blockages 

  • Creating better self-care practices and boundaries with others

  • Cultivating a life that is more aligned to you and your purpose

What do my clients say?  


How do we work together?

After a free 30 minute Discovery Call to determine what you need most, we work primarily with three methods: hypnotherapycoaching conversations and QHHT®. We agree in advance which sessions will work best for you and I offer a sliding scale for my services (price choice), so all income levels are welcome. 

No two Quests are alike: all approaches are multi-disciplinary and are influenced by modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and more.


Hypno-Quests bring you on an active inner-journey of hypnotherapy for immense transpersonal Growth. 



Coaching Call

"Help! I'm Highly Sensitive!" This engaging coaching call helps anyone who has just recently realized they are Highly Sensitive or an Empath understand what that means.  



(Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

Go into the deepest trance possible to access the part of you that knows all the answers. Heal mind, body, and soul from this life and past.



Combine Coaching and Hypnotherapy in this holistic inner-journey and integration


call me

Let's try each other on for size! With this 30 minute complimentary Discovery call let's see if we are a good fit!

Why is it time to write your own story?

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