Join a Quest: Discover who you are, why you are here, and what you are meant to be doing. 

Who am I?

I am the founder of GrowthQuests,

Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

I am a Growth and Transformation Expert who specializes in working with Empaths, Intuitives, and Highly Sensitive People. Of course I am also all of the above, so that only helps with my expertise! 

I offer you Quests of Growth: inner-journeys into deeper perspectives about who you (really) are, why you're here, and what gifts you are meant to be sharing.    

I'm American by birth, but currently live in Hong Kong -- learning how to embrace my sensitivity in the loudest, busiest city on Earth has been like an Olympic sport (!) ... but some days I do get the gold medal! 

When I am not writing my book "The Sensitive Journey", I am also a wife and mother to empathic and sensitive souls, so I recognize how developing my own Self-awareness is helpful for those around me as well.  

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Who do I work with?  

I work with consciously curious men and women who were born empathic, intuitive, perceptive, or as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Perhaps you have never put a label on yourself, but you are someone who likely:


  • Feels the world deeply, your emotions strongly, and your thoughts intensely

  • Can pick up on the subtle energies/emotions of people, animals, and even places

  • Has felt misunderstood for much of your life -- including by yourself!

  • Is attracted to meaningful, purpose-driven, and often spiritual pursuits

  • Would describe themselves as intuitive, clairvoyant, psychic, or gifted  

  • Has experienced a life-changing, profoundly influential -- yet indescribable event

Wondering if you are an HSP? Take this Quiz!


What do my clients say?  

Anastasia, Russia

"Dr. Katie made me pause and look back at the lessons I've learned, but more importantly,  how I can become a better version of myself and thrive instead of just surviving... "

Sylvana, UK

"Katie helped me reach a deep level of internal awareness that allowed me to be OK with surrendering to a higher power looking out for me no matter what..."

Andrew, Australia

"From the first call with Katie I was immediately put at ease. She's an attentive listener and her framework for helping clients is incredibly helpful. She helped me take the next steps in my life which is priceless!"

Sao-Mai, Canada

Dr. Katie read my emotions very accurately! She's able to convey her insights in a way that spoke to me deeply! She also guided me to trust my body's wisdom as a way of listening to the deep desires and motivations inside me. 

Katie, Canada

To say Katie changed my life  is an understatement. Her valuable gift of intuitive guidance forever changed me. With her scientific and spiritual approach, she brought clarity and a new path in life that has left me feeling the best I've ever felt. If you don't embark on a journey with her, you're sincerely missing out.

Dan, Hong Kong

I'm the most masculine sensitive man I know! But I needed new ways to communicate this very strong trait to the other men in my life-- and my female partner (who isn't as sensitive as me!) Dr. Katie gave me tools to be confidently sensitive at work and home! It's changed my life.

Benji, USA

After only one session with Dr. Katie, I got answers to so many questions I've been trying to figure out by myself for years! I left feeling more confident in my own answers to”Who am I?”, “Why do I think/feel this way?” And “What is my purpose in life?”

Jiwoon, Hong Kong

 The first time I met Dr. Larson, I felt instantly connected, held and listened to. She has a gift of making everything click allowing me to see the bigger, a more rounded version of who I am. If you feel stuck in your life like I did, I would highly recommend working with GrowthQuests to unlock your inner wisdom and fully show up in your life. 

Why am I called to this work?  

I'm only a Growth and Development expert because these topics simply won't leave me alone! I've purposely (and accidentally!) researched them in professional and personal settings: tramping through the muddy Borneo jungle, teaching high in the Peruvian Andes, and even journeying deep into my own psyche.  

Sure, I have a PhD in Transformative Learning, but being a Highly Sensitive Person and Intuitive Empath, I also know what it's like to feel...well, different. I've had successful careers around the globe as a scientist, educator, author, consultant, and facilitator, but I was also always living a "secret parallel life" where I was experiencing unusual, indescribable phenomenon due to my unique gifts.

I am called to help others come out of hiding, stop living secret parallel lives and begin to normalize their extraordinary Self, authentically express their deep feelings, and embrace their personal journey of Growth.

How do I work best?  

I create unique, holistic experiences that bring about immense personal Growth. I also consult organizations on how to bring real, meaningful Growth and personal Development to their valued team members.

My approach is interdisciplinary and no two Quests are alike. Resources and Growth-Play are based on modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and universal mythological frameworks (...and more!).


Take a tour of your inner-world with this holistic journey of self-discovery. Grow into who you are meant to become.

90 minute


Quick-Quests are perfect for anyone who wants a quick push in the direction of Growth. 

What's On NOW:

Why "Let Yourself Unfold"?  

I have known my calling is to help others understand how the personal and planetary align since my first career as a teacher. I encourage you to "Let Yourself Unfold"  because now more than ever we need who you're REALLY meant to become. Your brave personal Growth will undoubtedly benefit you -- but it will also help Develop your family, community -- and ultimately -- the planet. 

How do you write your own story? 

Where can You begin? 


Click on one (or ALL!) of these FREE downloadable Self-Discovery Kits to learn more about yourself and how to begin your personal journey. 

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