Join a Quest and Let Yourself Unfold. 

Discover life's deeper meaning, your purpose in it,

and the joy of answering your calling. 

Who am I?

I am the founder of GrowthQuests, Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

I am a Global "Growth Coach"a personal Growth and Transformation Specialist

I guide courageous seekers on holistic Quests -- inner journeys -- that offer deeper perspectives on who you are, why you're here, and how you're meant to share your gifts.  

My expertise is two-fold: Initiating the Growth you want and Integrating the Transformations you've had, but don't know what to do with...yet.   

If you are ready to Grow, I have a Quest waiting for you...

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Who do I work with?  

I work with consciously curious men and women who either want to:

Initiate Growth or Integrate Transformations

Which are you? 

You are this client if you are:

  • Beginning you self-discovery journey and wanting tips and tools on how to explore


  • Needing insight into your unconscious patterns, blocks, and tendencies 

  • Confused by how to tie together your knowledge, wisdom, gifts, and experiences into an authentic purpose

  • Hoping to create the ideal conditions for life-long, natural Growth

You would benefit from a Growth-Quest

You are this client if you are:

  • Are well into your inner-journey but want to engage with all dimensions of Growth

  • Are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Intuitive, Empath, or Perceptive 

  • Trying to integrate extraordinary, unusual, breakthrough, or "weird" moments into your everyday life 

  • Longing to connect to deeper mysteries and profound wisdom

You would benefit from a Depth-Quest

What do my clients say?  

Katie, Canada

To say Katie changed my life would be an understatement. Her valuable gift of intuitive guidance forever changed me. With her refreshingly scientific

 and spiritual approach, my Growthquest brought clarity and a new path in life that has left me feeling the best I've ever felt. If you don't embark on a journey with her, you're sincerely missing out

Dan, Hong Kong

After a transcendental 

meditation experience changed my life, I had no one to help make sense of it. Dr. Katie both helped me find deep meaning in it and showed me ways to weave it into my life going forward...

Ainslie, Australia

You won't regret GrowthQuests! Katie is fabulous at guiding and supporting you with compassion and care on your own Inner-Journey!

Andrew, Australia

From the first call with Katie I was immediately put at ease. Katie was an attentive listener and her framework for helping clients was so incredibly helpful. I found immediate utility and the value I received from Katie has helped me take the next steps in my life which is priceless!

Jiwoon, Hong Kong

 The first time I met Dr. Larson, I felt instantly connected, held and listened to. She has a gift of making everything click allowing me to see the bigger, a more rounded version of who I am. If you feel stuck in your life like I did, I would highly recommend working with GrowthQuests to unlock your inner wisdom and fully show up in your life. 

Why am I called to this work?  

I am a Growth and Development specialist because these topics have been the Golden Threads that have woven themselves through my careers, research, and of course personal experiences. I was born with the archetypes of courageous explorer and compassionate connector and those have led me all over the world as a scientist, educator, author, consultant, and facilitator.  

Yes, I have a PhD in Transformative Learning, but I'm also a Highly Sensitive Person and clairvoyant empath -- which means I connect deeply with the world around me. In the past, I have had successful careers, but I always seemed to have another "secret parallel life" where I was experiencing unusual spiritual phenomenon (that I wouldn't tell anyone about!).

GrowthQuests is my personal and professional sweet-spot because I am finally able to combine my love of understanding the physical realm with my love of exploring the metaphysical realm. Won't you find your sweet-spot too?

How do I work best?  

I create unique, holistic experiences that bring about immense personal Growth. I also consult organizations on how to bring real, meaningful Growth and personal Development to their valued team members.

My approach is interdisciplinary and no two Quests are alike. Resources and Growth-Play are based on modern scientific research, ancient wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and universal mythological frameworks (...and more!).

30 Minute Complimentary Call

Let's see if we are a good fit! Click here for a 30 minute complimentary coaching video call. 

90 minute


Quick-Quests are perfect for anyone who wants a quick push in the direction of Growth. 


Take a tour of your inner-world with this holistic journey of self-discovery. Grow into who you are meant to become.


Live deeply by embracing all dimensions of Growth. Tune into how your mind, body, and soul connect.

What are my other specialties?

I specialize in:


Giving (online and in-person) groups opportunities to explore and express themselves creatively, deeply, and meaningfully. 

Why "Let Yourself Unfold"?  

How do you write your own story? 

How to connect: 

call me

Let's try each other on for size! With this 30 minute complimentary coaching call you can share what you want and feel if we are a good fit!

I have known my calling is to help others understand how the personal and planetary align since my first career as a teacher. I encourage you to "Let Yourself Unfold"  because now more than ever we need who you're REALLY meant to become. Your brave personal Growth will undoubtedly benefit you -- but it will also help Develop your family, community -- and ultimately -- the planet. 

GrowthQuests is based in Hong Kong and is available for local and global workshops 

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