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Kind Words

(only satisfied clients could

love a mug like that!)

Kind words are echoes of lasting impacts...


I have worked with thousands of people from all over the world. It's been my absolute pleasure to watch the Growth that occurs through coaching and hypnotherapy. Some clients didn't realize they were Empaths or HSPs until working with me! Other worked with me because their partners were Sensitive. Others are neither, but enjoy the guidance of a holistic Growth Coach... 


Anastasia, Russia

"Dr. Katie made me pause and look back at the lessons I've learned, but more importantly,  how I can become a better version of myself and thrive instead of just surviving... "


Sylvana, UK

"Katie helped me reach a deep level of internal awareness that allowed me to be OK with surrendering to a higher power looking out for me no matter what...She has such a calm, wise demeanor that I appreciated during our sessions more than I realized"


Andrew, Australia

"From the first call with Katie I was immediately put at ease. She's an attentive listener and her framework for helping clients is incredibly helpful. She helped me take the next steps in my life which is priceless!"


Sao-Mai, Canada

Dr. Katie read my emotions very accurately! She's able to convey her insights in a way that spoke to me deeply! She also guided me to trust my body's wisdom as a way of listening to the deep desires and motivations inside me. 


Katie, Canada

To say Katie changed my life  is an understatement. Her valuable gift of intuitive guidance forever changed me. With her scientific and spiritual approach, she brought clarity and a new path in life that has left me feeling the best I've ever felt. If you don't embark on a journey with her, you're sincerely missing out.


Benji, USA

After only one session with Dr. Katie, I got answers to so many questions I've been trying to figure out by myself for years! I left feeling more confident in my own answers to”Who am I?”, “Why do I think/feel this way?” And “What is my purpose in life?”

Photo_Ji Woon.jpg

Jiwoon, Hong Kong

 The first time I met Dr. Larson, I felt instantly connected, held and listened to. She has a gift of making everything click allowing me to see the bigger, a more rounded version of who I am. If you feel stuck in your life like I did, I would highly recommend working with GrowthQuests to unlock your inner wisdom and fully show up in your life. 

Image by Rahabi Khan

Dan, Hong Kong

I'm the most masculine sensitive man I know! But I needed new ways to communicate this very strong trait to the other men in my life-- and my female partner (who isn't as sensitive as me!) Dr. Katie gave me tools to be confidently sensitive at work and home! It's changed my life.


Errity, USA

I had such an incredible experience with Dr. Katie. I found myself in tears, fits of laughter, and in a space of total acceptance (I could be me, and I could be messy) and empowerment (I felt seen, heard, validated, and supported) throughout the session. I came to her for clarity, and I not only uncovered what I truly, deeply want for myself, I experienced a profound revelation about myself and my son.

Happy Young Man

James, Hong Kong

I will admit that my wife made me see Dr. Katie! She helped me understand my HSP wife and we even identified areas of my life where I am very sensitive as well. I feel more equipped to coparent and to be a better partner after working with Katie. She made me laugh a lot!

Smiling Blond Woman

Gemma, UK

Dr. Katie is incredibly personable, warm and super wise. I felt so comfortable talking to her it was like we had known each other for years. Her intuition blew me away and she helped me piece together a lot of emotions that I was feeling so that all made so much sense. I believe EVERYONE needs to speak with someone as knowledgeable as Katie 

Woman in Yellow

Annah, UK

What can I say about Dr. Katie that isn't just me shouting "AMAZING!?" She’s a very creative and intuitive person who made me look at a number of things in my life from a totally different perspective. She can pull out of nowhere tools that I still use to this day! I highly recommend her!

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