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Explore a Hypno-Quest: Types of Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy is a client-led, therapeutic session that takes you on an ‘inner-journey’-- it can be a very visceral experience, sometimes “life-changing”.

You are in complete control of your session and it is not “suggestion-based”, but instead a participatory process between you and the hypnotherapist. You personally experience everything and narrate what is happening to you so that you can re-listen to your recording at a later time.

You are brought to a very relaxed, trance-state and then your inner-journey begins with light guidance from Dr. Katie on how to proceed in this hypnotic-realm. You are always safe, and will continue to be in control of your experience throughout. While some sessions are a mixture of a few journeys, here are a few of my favorites to offer as a practitioner:

Inner-Child Experience

Within us all are many versions of inner-children who were us at different stages of our life. (Think of it like a nesting doll where each of our aged-Selves continue living while we grow up). They usually have an opinion on how our life is going (based on the hopes, dreams, and experiences they had at that age). They can also be “acting out” for our attention if our life isn’t going in the way they imagined.

An Inner-Child Experience allows you to re-meet a version or versions of your younger Self to communicate, interact, and heal any issues they are trying to reach you about. A session offers a range of emotions: playful, reminiscent, and/or sad. Our goal is for you to reconnect and ultimately, “re-parent” your inner-child from the perspective of a loving adult who truly cares and understands this child.

Many clients come out of this session feeling more “whole”, healed, secure, and reconnected to a part of them that only wants to be visited, played with and loved.

Parts Retrieval

There are certain aspects of our Self that we lose throughout our life due to emotionally-intense moments (trauma, shame, etc.) and their absence can lead to devastating effects. Parts like our “Creativity”, “Optimism”, “Confidence”, or “Independence”.

In a Parts Retrieval, we go on a journey to safely find when we lost this part, why it has not rejoined us, and how we can embody it once again. Often the part has been trying to find us, but we have had too much emotion blocking it. We work through this emotion and invite back in.

Clients leave this session feeling relieved that they still have these parts of themselves, more whole, and healed. I love when clients share within the week of their session how this part has reintegrated into their life!

Golden Thread Life Purpose Session

We all set out with a specific purpose this lifetime, but once we are Earth-side we forget it! But when we look backward we can see a “Golden Thread” that unites the most important moments of our lives.

In a Golden Thread session you are brought to your Higher Self to revisit moments in your life that were “purpose aligned” to find what they all had in common. You gain clarity on what your purpose(s) in this life are and how to better align yourself with them going forward.

Clients leave this session with confidence in their purpose and the courage to enact it professionally and personally.

Higher-Self Connection

Our Higher-Self is the wise, loving, compassionate version of us that permanently exists throughout all time and space. You can think of them as the “player” of the video-game that is this life: watching your human form live in this linear “game”, but still guiding you (when asked) and loving you no-matter-what.

A Higher-Self Connection allows you to reconnect with this version of yourself and ask for guidance on anything you may be struggling with, or even asking “big picture” questions about the nature of reality, why you chose this life, what your purpose(s) are, and most importantly HOW to live them. You will know that your Higher Self is communicating based on the loving, patient tone they respond in and sometimes even little “inside jokes” they offer.

Clients leave this session feeling more connected to their divine, wise self, grounded in their values, directed in their purposes, and aware of a loving guidance that is always available to them.

Meeting Spirit Guides and Soul Team

We are not alone on our journey: we have teams of characters who are here to help us, including a main “Spirit Guide” who has been with us since birth. If you have never met any of them, this is a fun journey to learn who is on your team (and why!).

A Meeting brings you to a space where you can meet your team (sometimes only a few show up, other times it’s like a party!) Each character introduces themselves and explains to you how they are here to guide you in this lifetime. Some have real interesting (or funny) personalities and they will often suggest how you can better communicate with them at any point in your waking life.

Clients leave this session feeling supported, connected to a team, and held-up when they are feeling lonely or as if they are “on their own”.

Past Life Regression

Most of us have lived another life at another time and for some, these experiences can remain “stuck” in our soul during our present life: manifesting as health issues, relationship challenges, or other blockages we can’t explain. We don’t always have memories of the origin of these issues in our current life, so we look to past lives for insight.

A Past Life Regression brings you back to a specific life that has insight into a current life circumstance you may be struggling with. You walk through a day-in-the-life of another version of you, and progress through several “significant life events” of this life. You safely witness your death and then transcend to a space where you can communicate with the other version of You, sharing insights and wisdom from their life to yours.

Clients leave this session with less fear of death, more empathy for others who are not like them, a better understanding of how/why challenges in this life exist, and often heal the issue that brought them into the session.

Life Between Lives Session

Have you ever wondered where we go between each life? There is a realm that has many names that we exist in when we are not in material form. You are able to access it through a trance state that brings you to several important realizations about the life you are living now.

In a Life Between Lives Session you are brought first to your last immediate human life before this one. You quickly see a montage scene of several significant life events and your death. You are then brought to where you go/went to before this life and you meet your Spirit Guide/Team and learn about why you chose this life (your body, your family, your country, etc.), what your purpose(s) are, and what soul-contracts you have with others. Many of your prepared questions will be answered by your Higher Self or Team. It’s a very long session, but fascinating!

Clients leave this session realigned with their purpose on this Earth, less fear of death, more empathy and love for those they have soul contracts with, and general healing of issues that have plagued them.

Generational Lineage Regression

We come from a lineage that we are mentally detached from, but energetically attached to. The lives of our ancestors can often influence us (especially emotionally charged incidents like trauma or historical events).

In a Generational Lineage Regression you are brought back to a timeframe that is relevant for your journey and introduced to characters within your ancestral line. You observe their lives and can progress several other generations if necessary. You learn which aspects of your current life are influenced by their lives and engage in a healing process for you and the lineage going forward.

Clients leave this session feeling reconnected to their ancestors, aligned with a purpose, and healed from lingering issues that no longer serve the lineage.

A Customized Session

We can take many of these concepts into a customized session just for you! Where would you like to journey today?

Read More about Hypno-Quest or Book a FREE 30 min Hypno-Quest Discovery Call Today!

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