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A Life Between Lives Session Changed my Life

Living before is one thing, but where do we go in between the other lives?

In 2010 I experienced a Past Life regression via hypnotherapy that significantly changed my life. In 2011 I returned to the hypnotherapist for a session aimed to explore what happens between embodied lives.

After going into trance, the first thing I experienced was the last “immediate” life I had before the one I am in now. I saw myself with black skin and a blue and white football uniform. I took off my helmet and pulled my hands through my hair – I was an African American boy about 17 years old. I had a combination of names with “Cliff” and “John” like “John Cliffton” or “Clifford Johnson” or something like this. I didn’t get an immediate impression of where I was from, but my intuition has since said Arkansas, USA. It’s the 1970s.

I saw a few other scenes of my life (including things I was ashamed of), and I saw my death – in a car accident with my girlfriend (who survived) in the car with me. I was T-boned by a pick-up truck and I saw myself floating above the intersection as an Italian shopkeeper sweeping the outside steps came running to help. I was 28 years old.

I went into an energetic state where I was able to reflect on the lessons I learned in that life and things I wish I had done differently. Then I met with my spirit guide, Gil (who I had met in another spiritual encounter years before) and he began to show me around a realm which I now know as the Akashic Realm.

I think I was most surprised by the fact that this space had architecture. I saw Greco-Roman columned buildings and a Y-shaped beautiful river. The sky was a sunset pink hue and the sun looked awfully big. While my first hypnosis experience took a bit of effort, this experience felt like returning to a space I am very familiar with and the visuals came with ease. Gil took me to a “hall of records” right away.

Here I was given a scroll and told that I was “right on track” in this life as Gil pointed to a spot with golden, iridescent writing that seemed to be in another language paired with what looked like a choice-chart or a tournament forks (years later I saw this scene in this film and I screamed “THAT’S MY SCROLL!”) I understood the chart to be thousands of “if then” statements… “IF I chose that, THEN this happened” and so on.

Later, I visited a library that had 76 books on the shelves. These were the incarnations I had on Earth and I was able to pick up a few and gain images and lessons of my lives within each of the books. I was a mother for the first time in China, I had 3 kids and learned patience. I was a rich, beautiful woman in Europe, but I was deeply depressed and lonely. I was a native American woman who was deeply in love (with my husband of today, interestingly enough), but we lost our son in childbirth and I was deeply sad. I was a beggar in India who learned humility and even an elephant (!) who learned power. I felt each life like I was living it all over again.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the journey was when I visited my “Masters” and they answered some questions I had about my purpose in this life (education and relationships), and introduced me to a glistening, rotating ball of light which were actually people I knew in this life. This ball of light rotated until a “face” came out of it and introduced itself to me as “Hi, I am your mother (father, sister, etc.)”.

The ball explained that I had made contracts with each of the people in the ball of light and we were meant to teach one another something in this life. As each head came out of the ball they told me what I was meant to teach them (empathy, compassion, strength, etc.) and what they were supposed to teach me (patience, standing up for myself, how to enjoy myself). Perhaps one that was surprising to me was a work colleague who had recently betrayed me. She told me that she was meant to teach me not to trust everyone and to be more guarded around certain people. That blew my mind.

Later, I was able to ask Gil about who I am in this life, and what else will happen that I need to prepare for. Many of the answers were prophetic and since 2011 much of what he described has occurred (including having two kids: a daughter first and a son second). I learned about relationships I need to foster even more and projects I need to pursue, etc.

The most important question I felt I asked was “Do we have freewill?” He showed me a winding path and along the edge of the path flowers. He shared, “We do, but we also have a path that we set out for ourselves… Free will is like the flowers alongside the path that we can choose to pick or not. But most of us have a path we are meant to be following each life. You can choose to leave the path, but you will disconnect from your higher Self and feel the effects”.

I asked a few more personal questions and when it was time to go, I came back to the present moment, but felt like I had been gone a million years. I wanted to stay in this realm and learn even more.

Not a day goes by that I don’t use a piece of wisdom I gained from that experience. Similar to my first past life regression, the Lives Between Lives Session made me more empathetic towards every kind of person, because there is a high chance that I have been that kind of person before. In addition, I felt reconnected with transcendent energies (like my Guide and Masters) that are not in my daily reality, but influence me greatly.

I started to see my reality as one that I control and that the “contracts” I’ve made with my friends and family are ways to understand relationships that can oftentimes be challenging (“I made that relationship challenging so that I could really grow in the area of X”.

I not only began to understand my life from a holistic, more spiritual perspective (which felt like “returning home” to a way of knowing), but I also saw myself with so much more compassion and love. I felt proud of myself for choosing to return to Earth despite it being such a freaking hard place to live – to learn and GROW.

I had worried about what I would see when I did the hypnosis, but I was shocked by the amount of wisdom that was hidden within the experience. The memory of the trance is easy to recall and the visuals felt more real than real.

It is no mistake that my business is called GrowthQuests because shortly after this experience, I recognized that the journeys I have been on in this life are simply a series of QUESTS designed to GROW my soul.

And various decisions in my “choice chart” have finally led me to a position to be able to offer this life-changing experience to my clients. I am now a certified hypnotherapist who can offer Past Life Regressions (and more) to help you understand who you truly are, why you are here, and what you are meant to be doing.

Want to change your life as much as I did? Join me for your own Quest.

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