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A Past Life Regression Changed my life

I always knew I had lived before... but it wasn't until I saw it with my own third eye...

In 2021, a friend and I were walking down Main Street in Dallas, Texas with tens of thousands of other women, holding protest signs above our heads when she asked me, “OK, I've got to know: what's ONE thing that has changed your life the most?”

“That’s easy,” I said. “In 2010 I had a Past Life Regression, and suddenly everything in my life changed and opened up in ways I would never have predicted”.

Just then the protest we were passionate about became secondary to her interest in my past lives, and as we picketed, the story unfolded.

I was married in 2009 and for our honeymoon my husband and I traveled to Barcelona, Spain for a scouting mission for the new life we planned there soon after.

Despite the happiness of a new marriage, at the end of 2009 I was experiencing a bit of a spiritual existential crisis. While years before I felt anchored and sure of myself, I had begun to feel a bit lost and “off track” spiritually.

This led me to visit a cathedral I literally asked God: “What am I supposed to know about my life right now that I don’t?”

It didn’t take long for me to receive an answer in the form of a loud whisper in my right ear: “You need to look into your past lives”.

I took the answer in, but I was a bit confused. Despite not being a practicing Christian, I think I expected a more Christian-based answer (I was in a church!) so I asked again. Crystal clear (and even stronger!) the voice said the same thing and I took a mental note to do this as soon as I could.

So that January 2010, back in the USA, I found a practitioner in my area and when I arrived at her office I was not only nervous, but I had a bit of an inner conflict.

You see, despite having past-life memories as a kid (my two strongest separate ones were of me skinning A LOT of hunted rabbits as a boy/man and another of me being an alcoholic smoker adult woman), these memories faded the older I got. In addition, during this time of my life, I was a science teacher and doing a master’s degree in science, so I was firmly entrenched in the world of logic, reason, and “scientific” pursuits.

But nonetheless when the hypnotherapist took me into a hypnotic trance, I was instantly brought back to a different time and space, where my feet were walking on cobblestone streets and my freckled legs belonged to a little ruddy complexioned boy who felt Scottish. The year was around 1786 and I could see EVERYTHING in the town square, from the clocktower to the shop fronts to the toys the kids were playing in the street (wooden wheels you push with a stick).

Later, she took me to significant life events, and I was able to see my wedding to a beautiful black-haired woman (as well as the buttons and lace on her gown!), my children, and even my grandchildren. I was a professional carpenter and herbalist-hobbyist and I had a workshop behind my home with all my tools (and dried plants) and I could even see and feel myself sanding and planing wood that would become a door.

I saw and felt some interesting life challenges (with my brother specifically) and ultimately saw my death (me in bed with yellow skin due to a problem with my liver) and after I witnessed my death, I learned what I was meant to gain from this lifetime. I felt very connected to this man (who had the surname Todd) and as I came to the present time to reflect on the experience, I felt like I had lived that entire life in the span of two hours.

Now, my scientific mind was a bit blown but I couldn’t ignore how real it felt and how I seemed to transform as I described my experience, even using unfamiliar words like “chap” and “trousers”, which were not in my common vocabulary. Now, I didn’t have memories of this particular life in my own childhood, so I wondered why I was shown this one at this time, but I trusted the lessons from it would unfold (and they did).

The hypnotherapist was impressed by my ability to see things so clearly, so after the session she suggested I come back for something called “Life between Lives session”. I was still so shocked at what happened to me I told her I would think about it as I digested this experience.

I waited an entire year before I would return to the hypnotherapist for the Life between lives session. But during that time, something profoundly life-changing was happening to me. The first thing I noticed was that I completely lost the fear of death, and instead a calm knowing that I have and will live again replaced it.

Firstly, my judgment for others dropped significantly, and my empathy grew exponentially too. I was able to sense that just because I had not physically experienced certain things as Katie in this lifetime, chances are I had experienced it as someone else in other lifetimes. That connection allowed me much more patience and understanding for people who were annoying me or who I had trouble with.

As each month unfolded in the year between my first and my second regression, I felt more and more aware of the invisible strands between this “Katie” version of myself and a higher, disembodied version of myself that existed in another realm. This higher self seemed to be playing the “Earth-avatar” version of me like a video game.

My firm grips on a “science-based” reality loosened and the frequency of daily life seemed to shift. Synchronicities began happening often. It felt like I was let in on a new way of living and certain esoteric ideas and metaphysical experiences that I maybe would have never considered came my way.

I was opened up in a way that nothing else prior to this experience had done for me.

Then, in 2011, one year after my first experience with a past life regression, I returned for my “Life between lives session”. This experience was even more life-changing and deserves a blog all for itself. Read that here.

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