Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

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Between 0-35

Less Sensitive

You are not likely a Highly Sensitive Person. You may still feel sensitive from time to time (we all do!), but mostly it is due to your context rather than having any inborn traits of a HSP. You may recognize HSP traits in others though.  

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Between 35-70


You are Sensitive. Your sensitivity is a result of both your context and some inborn traits. You will likely feel the world more deeply than less Sensitives and can empathize with HSPs and recognize Sensitives. 

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Between 70-100

Highly Sensitive

You are definitely a Highly Sensitive Person. Your sensitivity is more likely a result of your inborn traits than only your context. You will think about and feel the world more deeply than a non-HSP and will have unique gifts and challenges as a result. 

Want to explore more? Download this FREE HSP-Kit as a way to better understand yourself and your unique needs.

Sensitive People should keep in mind "DOES"...

D: Depth of Processing

  • Think/Feel deeply about many subjects; can make complex connections

  • Funny and quick-witted as well cynical and more prone to depression, anxiety

O: Overstimulated Easily

  • Enjoy stimuli from the sensual perspective, but have a narrow zone of "optimal arousal": can go from bored to overstimulated quickly 

  • Needs more downtime, rest and recovery

E: Emotional and Empathic

  • Have a rich inner-world of imagination and emotional complexity

  • Have stronger mirror-neurons and can feel people, places, and things as their own

S: Sensitive to Subtleties 

  • Feel senses and environmental influences strongly, including invisible stimuli like Electromagnetic Frequencies or air pressure

  • Can suffer from physical conditions as a result of these sensitivities  

Wow! Where do I learn more? 

I have a few blogs on HSPs! Check them all out here! (My most famous one is here). 


Highly Sensitive Refuge has been a "refuge" for me as well! 

And of course, Dr. Elaine Aron, PhD is the go-to source for books, videos and more!

As a Growth and Transformation expert, I work nearly exclusively with Highly Sensitive People to embrace their superpowers!

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