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Grab a Bite of Inspiration.


Growth never

tasted so good!

Personal Growth doesn't have

to feel like hard work. 

It's Time to Feed Your Whole Self... Eat Play Grow is an interactive, adult, hands-on, (teeth-on!) way to explore your whole self while having fun...and eating a yummy meal!  

First we Eat... After filling up a delicious bowl, you sit down and engage in Creative Depth Play, which is an art-based process designed to activate a unique form of self-discovery.  Based in Jungian psychology and Transformative Learning principles, Creative Depth Play is intuitive and easy-to-do, but also holds rich, dynamic insight into your life stories, strengths, valuesneeds, and whole self. After your creation is complete, your facilitator, Dr. Larson will lead you through an interpretation process that allows you to access your inner wisdom, gain clarity, and most importantly GROW!    

"But I'm no artist!" you say...Don't worry -- even Dr. Larson can barely draw a stick figure! You may have forgotten you have a natural creative within you now, but as soon as the glue stick comes out, you'll remember! OK...your art work may not be auctioned off any time soon (or even go on the refrigerator), but the insights you gain about yourself are truly priceless

Around Hong Kong

Eat Play Grow is available for hire in the Hong Kong area. You can view session samples below. Please contact Dr. Larson for more information on schedules, venues and menus. It's a great alternative to a "Girls-night-Out" and brings lots of laughter and insight!    

Some Sample Sessions

Understanding Emotional Knots

with Quinoa Veggie Buddha Bowls


Complex Emotions can be tricky to unravel, name, and communicate to others. We will create textile-based "Emotional Knots", then use Plutchik's emotional wheel to better understand how and why we can experience many conflicting emotions at once during most life events. You will increase your emotional literacy and learn how to communicate your needs during times of complexity.  

Collage Spectrum Cards

with Mediterranean Veggie Feta Bowls


Ever shocked by the spectrum of personalities you have within you? One day you are outgoing and adventurous, the next you are shy and prefer the comfort of home. We will create collage-based cards that explore the rich spectrum of personas within you and recall when each needs to be expressed. You will learn how to value all of your qualities, increasing your adapting in your day-to-day life. 

Clay Venus Figurines

with Spicy Mango Avocado Bowls


When's the last time you admired your body? Whether you love or loathe your "lady bits", this session reminds you of the sacredness of the female form. Venus figurines are ancient totems that celebrated intuition, wisdom, and fertility of women. You will create several clay figurines representing your essence. We will discuss how to better tune into these feminine strengths and how to navigate their relation to our personal, seasonal, and lunar cycles.    

Goddess Archetype Cards

with Mushroom Pesto Pasta Bowls


Myths of ancient Goddesses were used to describe the dynamic archetypes within all women. Understanding your archetypes through the Greek Goddesses will undoubtedly illuminate your personal psychology in ways you never expected. You will gain insight into how your behavior and emotions are influenced by these powerful archetypes and how to predict their relationship to your personal cycle.  

About Dr. Larson

Katie Titus Larson, PhD

Dr. Katie T. Larson is a "Growth Coach", who helps you focus on the ways you're growing and how to use that growth to benefit yourself, your relationships, career, and family.


She does not consider herself an artist, but she is very grateful for discovering the joy of Creative Depth Play. She learned that playing instead of writing or talking has immense power to unlock the wisdom, strength, and clarity folded within you. She is a Creative Depth Coach and founded GrowthQuests to help you "Let Yourself Unfold".

But can she cook!?  As a bonus, she also used to run a home-cooked catering company (BusyMeals), so she knows her way around the kitchen! She may be a better cook than artist :)   

Want to know more? Contact her at: 

Just in Case... FAQs

So tell me...what exactly will I be doing during the two hours?

Keeping in mind each session is unique, the basic schedule will be: 

1) Fill a bowl with the yummy food

2) Sit down and listen to Dr.Larson describe what type of artwork will be made and "meet the supplies"

3) Slowly munch on the food while you create your artwork (unless you eat super fast and finished in the instruction phase!)

4) At thirty minutes before finishing time, Dr. Larson will explain how to interpret your work in ways that allow you to better understand yourself and how to use that to grow in your life

5) If you have more questions and want to stick around for a bit longer you can, or email Dr. Larson with follow up insights later 


Do I need any artistic background to join Eat Play Grow?

Not at all! In fact much of the creative work is extremely intuitive and will come naturally to you. While some of the projects may not always look "pretty" to all eyes, it is the playful process that is most important. Interpreting your ways of creating can be just as fun as interpreting your art (for example--do you like straight lines or crooked edges? Squeezing or rolling the clay? etc.)

What exactly am I interpreting when I am finished making my art?

Your art is a window into your unconscious (or some call it your "soul" or "heart") which cannot speak in words but can speak in symbols. Before we begin we learn how to still the mind and create from the heart, so we can allow it to communicate through our work. Then, through purposeful questions, Dr. Larson will help you "translate" what your symbols are telling you in words using your own interpretation methods, so it will be YOUR words, not hers. 

How does this help me grow?

After interpreting your work, you gain insight and clarity into areas of yourself that are not easily accessible in your day-to-day routine. These aspects might be showing you ways to be a better partner, mother, boss, employee, or simply a more compassionate, whole human. How you use your interpretations may come as quickly as tomorrow or may accumulate for years to come. 


OK... How about the food...What should I expect?

Eating out of a bowl is easiest when creating art, so Dr. Larson will make easy-to-eat vegetarian meals you can chew at your leisure without a fuss. 

Where is "Dragon Studio"?

Dragon Studio is Dr. Larson's home office in Sai Kung near Po Lo Che, which is a 5-10 minute walk from Sai Kung Town. It has a nice view and table for 6, so seats will fill up fast! She has a cute dog Annie who you may just fall in love with too! 

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