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Grow into wholeness

Speak to the heart -- from the heart.

There is another way to explore yourself using the primal language of the heart: SYMBOLS. 

JourneyCircles™ is a unique process that promotes a deep dialog with a side of yourself that does not use words to communicate. By creating visual art, you are able to access inner-wisdom that may be normally overlooked within the constraints of our verbally-dominated society. 

As you make art using the JourneyCircles™ process, you create a tool for reflecting and mapping your journeys, inner explorations, and deep self-expressions. You will access potent images that bring about healing of the past and visioning for the future. 

You begin creating by allowing images to CHOOSE YOU. This opens the door to a powerful dialog with aspects of yourself that have been waiting to speak with you...

Wholeness in the Round

JourneyCircles™ is more than just creating a beautiful piece of art—it is a holistic process that helps you remember the deeper callings and unique gifts you have to share with the world. You will feel more whole as you shift into a heart-centered perspective of your stories, desires, and archetypal energies.

Each card represents different aspects of your life journey and encourages you to explore:

  • Parts of self, ages and stages, stories, choice and voice

  • Emotions, energies, movement and memories

  • Stages of a journey and the rising energy of the chakras

  • Paradoxes and expressions of shadow and light 

  • Symbols, gifts and tools you use while traveling 

  • Patterns and constellations that influence you

This process is simple, but life-changing. Imagine creating a beautiful Rosetta Stone that translates your heart's desires into a piece of art. Your own creations will guide you into the depth you have been longing for...

Depth in Stories

We know our life is full of stories, but which ones are guiding you and which are you ready to let go of? JourneyCircles™ helps you piece together your stories using deeper perspectives. Understanding your archetypal energies can give you a richer, fuller grasp on your tendencies, relationships, strengths and challenges. 


Characters and the role they play in your life become more apparent, your purposes become clearer, and the lessons you are meant to learn will jump out at you. JourneyCircles™ brings you deeper and deeper into meaning of your journey on Earth. 

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