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GROW from your living room *pants optional

Digital-Quests via Zoom

Who knew you would spend most of 2020 in your pajamas? :)

Employees working from home are experiencing high levels of stress due to balancing multiple roles, future uncertainty, and inability to access what usually keeps them happy and healthy. 

I am now offering ONLINE workshops for small to medium sized groups via Zoom. Despite being digital, they are engaging, interactive, hands and hearts-on.  

My specialty is providing groups with realistic, helpful tools for holistic well-being, and mental/emotional resilience. 


Sessions are Bespoke (but here are some samples)

"Embracing the New Normal"

Managing stress, handling uncertainty and learning how balance it all during this new normal. 

"Handling Raw Emotions"

Realistic ways to honor, name, and communicate your raw emotions. Experience ways to hold space for others to do the same. 


"Finding Meaning in Times of Crisis"

Understanding how the stages of grief influence your experience of a mass crisis and how to find meaning during and after. 

"Courageously Awakening to your Purpose"

Recognizing your gifts, wisdom, and life experiences that make you the perfect guide, helper, or support for others during this time. 

Recent Testimonials

"Katie facilitated an online workshop for our company. While the session was short, I took so much more away than I anticipated. I think this was largely due to her approach – while her knowledge of the body and breathing technique appeared to be  quite extensive, it was her accessible, down-to-earth and relaxed spirit which I really gravitated towards. She, unlike many other leadership and executive coaches I’ve worked with, showed a deep and genuine empathy for the challenges that our group, both as women and as individuals, during this extremely bizarre time. I think it was this attitude that made our lean-in group comfortable sharing very personal challenges and victories!  Additionally, the concept of “holding space” for another is something I have been practicing in my own life quite recently ( it’s a lot harder than people think it is!) and was so happy with how she explained it to the group and integrated into our activities." -- Ayesha, Financial Services, Asia-Pacific

"It was a great session and really helped me relieve some of my pain and concern in my inner-self which I had not noticed was bothering me. I feel I can now move on to something in a more meaningful way" -- Priscilla, Financial Services, Asia-Pacific 

Each session offers realistic, proven techniques for holistic wellness and mental/emotional resilience. 

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