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A Mother's Journey

Grow into Motherhood 

Mum-Quest is a Mother’s Journey, a nurturing space for you to reconnect with yourself and other mothers through gentle and intentional practices.
Experience quality "me-time" that leaves you recharged, confident, and ready to
take on the world again tomorrow...  

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I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD and I created Mum-Quest after the birth of my own baby left me longing for a way to process the immense transformation that I was undergoing. 
I recognized a need among my fellow new mums for a quiet, nurturing space to unfold into motherhood -- away from our children --so we could realize everything we need to be a great mother is already within us waiting to be found. 

Why Join Mum-Quest?

Do any of these thoughts feel familiar?

"When I became a mother, it felt like my whole world changed overnight but I

have been too busy to fully understand how..."

"I am too far from my friends and family to feel really supported as a mother..."

"Some days I feel like the best mother in the world. Other days I have no idea what I am doing!"

We are born Women.

We become Mothers. 

The rite-of-passage from maidenhood to motherhood was historically supported by a woman’s relationship to her Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters and the community at large.


But in our fast-paced modern world many women feel like they have lost the rich support network that is so vital to a mother’s healthy development.

"I confess to sometimes looking at other mothers and wondering 'how does she do it?'

and 'where did she figure it out?'"

We learn by Doing.

Most mothers will tell you that they learn most by doing--which takes practice! Mum-Quest: A Mother’s Journey is a women’s circle that is focused on giving you embodied practices that allow you to feel into who you are as a woman and mother.

An embodied practice is an action with the intention to strengthen the skills you already have--like: patience, self-love, holding space, and trusting your intuition. These sessions focus more on how to practice more than just why.

"I am not interested in going to a moms group where someone will tell me what I am doing wrong. I would rather explore who I am as a mother and what works best for me"

You are already Wise.


You are always Growing. 

The shape of a circle is vital to Mum-Quest because it symbolizes the equality among all of the women. There are no experts here, only fellow Mothers.

Each mother is invited to give as well as receive; lean on as well as hold up. Each practice focuses on coming into your own as a mom rather than mimicking someone else.

"I know I need to take care of myself before I can take care of others, but I am not

even sure how to do that anymore..." 

You do have time

You are worth it

If you are like 2 out of 3 mothers, you feel like you have no time for yourself and self-exploration may seem more like a luxury than a necessity. 

But Mum-Quest is more than a 1.5 hour retreat, it helps create a foundation for a lifelong, healthy motherhood. You are curating a self-care routine that provides resilience.   

You will lean into your abilities, trust your instincts, and create deep, genuine bonds with other mothers. Your whole-istic health will ultimately benefit your family as well.

What we Do

Each session is 1.5 hours long and focuses on a specific theme. 

Some themes explore:

  • Practicing Receiving: A mother’s job can feel like endless giving, but there are simple practices that can help you fully receive, which prevents emotional burn-out, and encourages healthy relationships with others

  • Holding Space: You do not always need to fix everything, but instead can learn to “hold space” for others to reflect, learn, and grow on their own

  • Practicing Self-Love: Self-love is not selfish, but vital to mental and emotional health. Mothers who understand how to love themselves can better teach children self-compassion

  • Trusting Your Intuition: In a world drowning in information we are starving for wisdom. Learn how to tune out the outside ‘noise’ and tune into your inner-knowing

  • Learning to Balance: How do some women have kids, a career, a partner, and a personal life at once? Explore ways to mentally and emotionally balance “it all”

  • Healthy Boundaries: “No” doesn’t have to be a bad word. Learning how to create healthy boundaries for yourself maintains energy, time, and self-worth  

How we Do It

Sessions are bespoke to each theme, but will include a combination of:

  • Movement: Dance, Physical exercises, Role-playing

  • Deep Reflection: Journaling, Deep-thinking prompts, Creative Depth-Play

  • Sacred Inquiry: Listening without judgment, Speaking with intent, holding space, storytelling

  • Visualization/Guided Meditation: Gaining insight using guided exploration

  • Touch: Shared healthy touch, massage, hugging

Some sessions will resonate with you more than others.

But all sessions are best for all types of mothers who:

  • Want genuine support and encouragement from other mothers

  • Need a safe space to individually explore and self-reflect

  • Look forward to practicing more than talking

  • Can allow herself the joy of “Me-Time”

Who would enjoy Mum-Quest?

What we Don't Do

This women’s circle is very intentional about providing a safe, nurturing space for women to unfold into motherhood. We focus more on allowing individuals to find their own way, and less on:

  • Trying to “fix” you

  • Giving “expert” advice or providing a prescribed approach

  • Complaining or gossiping about children or partners

  • Judging other mothers

We bring the sisterhood back to motherhood by practicing the Awakening Women’s Global Sisterhood Manifesto and pride ourselves on providing a genuine space for women to come, practice, and leave knowing they are welcome, safe and appreciated.

You are doing the best work

of your life.

You deserve


It is easy to make excuses and ignore ourselves when we have big responsibilities for little people. 

But by joining Mum-Quest you are giving your children the gift of a woman who is more confident in her abilities, patient with herself, unconditionally loving, and aware of her greatness

What Mums Say About Mum-Quest


"There was a sense of real sisterhood with the other mums--like we were all in it together." 


"I felt like this was the community of acceptance and mutual respect that I have been longing for"


"I was surprised at how much energy it gave back to me...I wish I had Mum-Quest every day!" 

A Gift to Myself

"From the candles to the flowers to the music, the entire experience felt like a special gift to myself" 


One mum shares her experience: 

"When I heard about Mum-Quest, my first reaction was "Great, another thing to add to my to-do list and not do", but after a gentle nudge from a friend, I left my baby with my partner and as soon as I walked into Mum-Quest , I instantly relaxed from the candle-lit room filled with flowers and soft music.

The practices called "Growth-play" just flowed into one another so smoothly. They were so simple, but they gave me a lot of insight into who I am as a woman and who I am (and want to be) as a mother. I liked that we did not sit around and talk (like I had expected) but practiced at our pace--it was both a private and shared experience. 

I left feeling much less alone. I realised all mums go through the same journey. I thought to myself, "Why didn't I do this earlier? I need this more often". I want to keep coming as long as I can! Thank you Mum-Quest" 

Join Us

I am Dr. Katie T. Larson and i's my passion to help other mothers discover the gifts they already have.

Let's explore together.

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