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Hypnotherapy REALLY Heals

Even I didn't realize how healing hypnotherapy could really be.

Yeah I know.

Even after having several sessions of healing hypnotherapy for myself…

Even after getting nationally certified as a Hypnotherapist…

I was still totally shocked when I started seeing Hypno-Quest clients who had severe challenges– pain, phobias, relationship blocks, even professional challenges – begin to heal almost instantly.

I wanted to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, so I saw dozens of “soft-launch” clients before offering my services to the public…. But y’all: this works. And works really well.

What the heck is hypnotherapy anyway?

You have likely seen a stage-hypnotist at some point: who hypnotized an audience member and then offered silly suggestions to get them to make everyone laugh.

Hypnotherapy is definitely not that!

OK, you are hypnotized (which is simply a gentle trance state), but instead of you being in a very passive, suggestive state, you are an active participant in your inner journey. Usually you will lead the way, with just a little guidance from me to keep you “on task”.

The hypnotic state is very similar to the space between sleep and wakefulness… you are extremely relaxed, but things you are experiencing in your “mind’s eye” are still quite vivid.

Some folks think that they are “not hypnotizable”, but in reality, 9 out of 10 people can be brought into a trance state through hypnosis techniques. So, given a great hypnotherapist (insert me smiling here), you should be able to reach a state of deep relaxation where an inner-journey can occur.

While you are in trance, you will be actively speaking, laughing, crying, and sometimes even moving depending on your journey. I ask that you explain aloud everything that you notice along your journey so it can be audio-recorded for you and I can take notes for you as well. Those are your parting gifts so you can integrate them even more later.

Substance-free Journeywork

Perhaps my favorite part of hypnotherapy is that you don’t need to imbibe any substances to have a vivid, visceral experience. For my fellow psychonauts who think they can only experience a change of consciousness under the influence … this is life-changing.

As a mom of 2, I don’t have the time or space to consume consciousness-changing substances anymore, so allowing the natural, healthy space of hypnosis to replace drugs has been a blessing.

I have also had a small handful of clients agree that their hypnosis experience rivaled a psilocybin and plant-medicine journey, which I found extremely validating.

What kinds of Inner-Journeys can Hypnotherapy Offer?

The type of hypnotherapy I specialize in focuses on “Transpersonal Wellness”: which can be hard to describe, but imagine all of the invisible (and often unbelievable!) aspects of your life that are influencing you, but transcend your physical self.

A few examples:

We can get in touch with aspects of you that are “within”: like your inner-child (or children), lost parts/traits/characteristics like “confidence”, “creativity”, or “wisdom”, or have long dialogues with your “higher self” who always has the best advice and sometimes even prophetic insights. These are great for breaking the blocks that have been keeping you from realizing a more aligned life.

If you are facing challenges like recurring pain, phobias, relationship blocks, etc. you can do a regression to the origin of the issue and many find it is a surprising event from their childhood or even a past-life (see below!). This is all done in a safe, comfortable way and the “therapist” part of my title references my trauma-informed training.

Also two specialties of mine (due to my own great experience with them) are Past Life Regressions (PLR) and Life Between Lives (LBL) Sessions. A PLR brings you back to a time and space that your soul has lived before… if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you can think of this as a vivid metaphor…if you do, you are revisiting a former life. A LBL takes you back to your last immediate life, death and then arrival to the space you go to in between lives. Here you learn why you chose to be born in this life, with this body, to this family, and what your purpose(s) are in this life. You learn who you have soul contracts with and if you are working on any “karma” with other souls this time around. LBL sessions are loooong because your soul has a lot to tell you! (They are my fave too because they are so fascinating from my point of view!)

But how does it heal?

Remember, that is the most shocking thing to me too: hypnotherapy heals SO much. Like WOW, so much. Pain-- gone. Phobias -- gone. Blocks -- gone.

But HOW?!

One of my favorite books to describe this phenomenon is Dr. Brian Weiss’ book “Through Time into Healing” where he documents his experience as a skeptic who turned into one of the most prominent figures in PLR therapy for healing.

His view is that many of the issues we face in our current conscious life are leftover from previous lives’ traumas. Health issues such as a recurring sore back may be from an accident we had, or a poor relationship with a family member may be the unconscious memory of a long-past rivalry – but by examining these under hypnosis, we release them from their influence.

It is almost as if the traumas have a life of their own, and the cellular memory of them is reborn into our new bodies. What’s even more interesting, when we address them in our current life, we may also be healing the past version of ourselves as well (time travel anyone?).

The core tenant is that by gently exploring our deeper selves (and past lives) through hypnotherapy, we are transforming fear/pain/anger into love. And that love can heal – almost instantaneously. We gain an empathy for the versions of ourselves that have experienced pain and suffering, and as a result we learn that it is possible to survive this pain… in another time and place.

I always make sure my clients offer the version of themselves that they find (inner child, higher self, or past life) with love, and through this love and empathy, we heal.

Wow! I want to try!

So if you are ready to experience an inner-journey of Growth, transformation and most importantly, HEALING, contact me for a Hypno-Quest session. Your past, present, and future self will thank you! :)

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