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A Conscious Journey

Grow through Creativity 

Tuesdays 6:30pm in September

Gain insight and clarity from an unexpected source: your deep unconscious

Follow your inner artist on a Vision-Quest that reconnects you with your wise, non-verbal, unconscious Self! Create art that visually depicts the rich inner-world hidden within you. Make beautiful pieces (with no artistic skills required!) that remind you of the ways of knowing you thought you forgot...  

Why Join Vision-Quest?

Have you ever . . .

+ Longed to communicate with your sense of knowing that is much deeper than words? 

+ Missed the intuitive creativity you had as a kid, but haven't used much lately?

+ Felt a strange connection to certain colours, symbols, or concepts

+ Had a fleeting glimpse of "what it all means", only to lose it seconds later? 

No matter what "mother tongue" you learned to speak as a child, it was actually your second language -- preceded by a rich, non-verbal language of symbols. As your verbal-world increased, your connection to the symbolic-world decreased--making you forget you know so much more than words can ever say. 

Let's Reconnect to the Symbolic-World! 


Vision-Quest gives you access to the wisdom locked in your symbolic-world. It uses creativity to unlock the non-verbal, extra-rational aspects of your unconscious self. 

If words are falling short of expressing the full spectrum of your persona, and you want to play with a new (but old!) skill, join us to use art to explore and communicate with your deeper self

Don't let your artistic skills deter you! All levels are welcome (from stick figures to portrait artist!)

redefine your ways of knowing

Explore "Extra-Rational" ways of knowing that go beyond your verbal thoughts

reconnect with your creativity

Let go of preconceived notions of what it means to be "artistic" and lean into your full creative potential 

remember your brilliance

You are more than your daily job and you know it. Remember why you are here and get back to doing what you are meant to be doing... 

What is Vision-Quest?

Vision-Quest is a hands-on, hearts-on 4-week workshop based in Central, Hong Kong. It was designed to get you playing with aspects of your Consciousness that are longing to be explored, but are really difficult to describe with words. Luckily art can capture the indescribable, ephemeral wisdom that is locked within our unconscious, non-verbal Self.    

Play with colors, shapes, lines, and form to make a bridge back into your symbolic world. Bring this non-verbal knowing into words by creating a translation dictionary of you how colors, symbols, and images bring meaning to your life. Once this bridge feels comfortable to travel, you will go even deeper into your psyche by creating a mixed media card deck that captures the wide, colorful spectrum of your persona. Later, you will try to capture what it all means by creating multi-media, 3-Dimensional models of "The Big Picture" (the universe as you know it) and "The Small Picture" (your whole self as you know it). 

We are going deep here! Give yourself the gift of space to finally explore and express yourself. Through creativity, you will capture exactly what you have been longing to know and share. Your world will never be the same. 


Explore Week-by-Week

Week 1: September 3

Symbolic Dictionary

Make the bridge from your verbal-world to the symbolic-world by creating a translation-dictionary. Explore what colors, symbols, and abstract concepts mean to you on a deeper level. Reconnect to this extra-rational language to better understand how your relationship with these symbols influences your daily life. 


Week 2: September 10

Spectrum Cards

Do you ever feel like you are ten different people in one day? Create a Spectrum Card Deck which depicts the wide range of light and shadow aspects that stem from a neutral quality of yourself. Reclaim the spectrum of your psyche and learn how to integrate and love all parts of your whole self. 


Week 3: September 17

The Big Picture

What does it all mean? Why are we here? How does reality work? What exactly is consciousness? Ask the BIG QUESTIONS about the universe (multiverse?) and map your current beliefs about how it all works. Create a timeless art-piece of your ever-evolving view of the Big Picture.  


Week 4: September 24

The Small Picture

Who am I, really? What is my purpose? Why am I here? Go deep into your essence to explore what makes you unique and what you have to offer the world. Reconnect with a deeper, timeless self that exists beyond any boundaries created in this life. Create a version of you that captures your birthright--the Small Picture. 

Vision-Quest: The Details

We will meet each Tuesday evening in September (3, 10, 17, 24) from 6:30pm-9:00pm.


This is a 4-week course because each session will build gently from each other. 

Your (Early Bird!) investment in this course is

$1500 HKD for all four sessions. (After August 20th, $1800 HKD!)

 Let's Create!


Where is Vision-Quest?

Vision-Quest will take place at Wild at Art Studio in Central, Hong Kong. This creative sanctuary is in the heart of the city and embodies just the right artistic vibe .  


Wild at Art Studio
1st floor
2-4 Elgin Street
Hong Kong 


Who is your Guide?


Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD is a Growth Coach and founder of GrowthQuests. Although she would never describe herself as an artist, she is a lifelong creative, seeing the world as a canvas on which she can create.


As a certified Creative Depth Coach, she helps her clients bring out their creative side, which is the bridge to their deeper, unconscious self. She personally benefited greatly from Creative Depth work and now feels called to share it with others who may also think "I am just not artistic..."

When she is not getting her creative juices flowing, she is chasing a toddler around Hong Kong's beaches, forests, and little-known quiet spots. 

How can I sign up?


Have more questions? Email:  

Ready to sign up? Click here: 

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