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What is a

Growth Coach?

Growth Coach (n): A Life Coach Focused guessed it: GROWTH ! 


The type of personal growth you experience with me is CAPITAL G-rowth because it is life-changing. This is the kind of Growth that pushes your boundaries, brings wholeness, reconnects you with your true self and your life purposes.  


Without Growth we get stuck in patterns that no longer serve us, stay in unhealthy relationships and situations, attempt to re-live outdated stories, or try to remain a version of ourselves that we have outgrown. True Growth allows us to become who we truly are, but it's not always easy to do --- and this is where a Growth Coach comes in.


As a Growth Coach, I create intimate self-discovery opportunities through coaching and hypnotherapy. GrowthQuests clients describe these sessions as "scavenger hunts for the soul", because they are given profound insights into their holistic-Self that positively influence them, their family and their community.  


How will I know if Growth Coaching is right for me?


Like anything in life, trust your instincts... but if a Growth Coach is right for you, any of the following will feel true:


  • You are awakening to a new version of yourself 

  • You are ready gain more meaning and purpose and answer your callings

  • You want to find the golden thread that ties together your gifts, experiences, and wisdom

  • You have experienced something extraordinary, unusual, or weird that's changed your life 

How will I benefit from Growth Coaching?


My clients describe their experience working with a Growth Coach very positively. "Dr. Katie guided me with compassion and care", "I felt encouraged to find out who the real me is","Dr. Katie's extremely valuable gift of intuitive guidance forever changed me", and "I was surprised how much good just three sessions did me!". (You can read about my Coaching Philosophy here)


After helping hundreds of clients Let Themselves Unfold, I am confident you will leave feeling:

  • Connected to who you truly are

  • Trust in your own gifts, wisdom, and abilities

  • Aligned with your purpose

  • Armed with tools and skills you need to continue Growing 

Still Unsure? Reach out for a risk-free call:

call me

Let's try each other on for size! With this 30 minute complimentary coaching call you can share what you want and feel if we are a good fit!

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