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My Coaching Philosophy

A coach can change your life, so choose the right one!

 Here is my coaching philosophy summarized so you can decide if we'd be a good fit! 

How I feel about my clients: 

  • You are not broken. You do not need to be 'fixed'. What you are experiencing in this moment is 100% normal. Your challenges are real, but so is your innate power to help yourself with a bit of guidance -- not fixing.

  • You actually already know what you need (and how to get it), and my job is to remind you of that. It may be a bad business practice (!), but my goal is to for you to need me less! You already have enough wisdom within, I simply offer tools on how to trust it. 

  • You can't "think your way out" of challenges. You must get out of your head to get out of your way. I share 'Growth-play' with my clients because they give you actual hands-on, hearts-on experiences that shift your perspective from theoretical to actual Growth. 

  • You are here for a reason. Your work with me is more than a temporary fix. After our sessions, I want you to feel confident and empowered to unapologetically thrive in the life you are destined to, answering your calling and sharing all your gifts. 

How I feel about coaching: 

  • I am not your guru. Sure, it took me a long time to become an expert in my field and I pride myself on the inner and 'outer' work I have done, but I am human too. I'm definitely not perfect and I believe more in fostering your innate abilities than my superiority. 

  • I am growing too. While we work together, I will be growing in one way or another as well. In fact, our relationship will influence my own development as a coach, woman, and mother. So thanks for sharing in our journey.  

  • I believe in transparency. I often tell my clients exactly how I am working with them so they can learn about their patterns of behavior and take similar approaches later. My goal is to give you a tool-belt filled with easy-to-use tools that you can use again and again in the future.  

  • I believe in an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to nearly everything. Life would be too simple if there was only one way to live. I will adapt to your belief system, but I will also compassionately challenge you to consider other perspectives. I may suggest everything from neuroscience to Eastern philosophy to the mystical esoteric. I will also use my intuitive skills when you need them. One size does not fit all, so let's explore what fits! 

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