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It's Time. 

Something inside you has awakened...and there is no turning back

You've heard a calling. 

I've heard it too. And I too know that if I DON'T listen, my soul will not rest until I do

Soul-Quest is part naval-gazing and part laser surgery. It is an extremely focused self-discovery and self-empowerment Quest that is designed to help you TRUST your soul's inborn nature, gifts, and callings. It's not for everyone-- in fact, it's only for 4 consciously curious, brave souls who are ready. 

Ready to: 

BE who you truly are

TRUST your gifts and guides

SERVE who you need to

FIND your tribe 

Normally I would not release a Quest to the public until it felt PERFECT, but I personally was called to ask a team of 4 to help co-create a future Soul-Quest that was tried and tested: By YOU!   


Soul-Quest will be a combination of complementary rational and extra-rational principles. Using both exoteric frameworks and esoteric truths you will walk away confident in your abilities to communicate with an unseen world in order to serve in a seen world. 

Perhaps you already identify as a Highly Sensitive Person or "clair"- (voyant, sentient, audient), or even a channel or medium. Or perhaps you know you are different than others, but are still trying to figure out how and why. 

Part 1: Who am I? Who am I NOT?

Deep Self-Discovery

Take a deep dive into frameworks that help identify who you are, and shatter old beliefs that no longer serve you. 

Explore at least 3 popular frameworks that help explain who you are, and reflect on their accuracy 

Identify which roles and agendas you may be accidentally following despite them not serving you

Use critical self-reflection to explore any prejudices that may be holding you back 

Part 2: Why am I here?

Gifts and Guides 

Begin to trust how you were born and who is here to help you. Meet your invisible guides/higher self and begin trusting the guidance they have available. 

Lean into the gifts you were born with and strengthen your abilities by practicing with those you can trust

Part 3: How do I serve? 

Finding "My People"

Learn who you are meant to be serving and how. Trust the size and scope of the immediate population you are to engage with (whether it's your family or a nation)

Find "your people" as allies, high-vibe tribes, mentors, and resources to help you Grow long after Soul-Quest is through

Part 4: How do I thrive?

Holistic Nourishment

How do you continue to trust your next steps? 

Create the safety net, check-ins, support, and frameworks you need moving forward. 

Soul-Quest (beta) will be 40 days long.

4 Group Calls (2 with guided meditations to access the unseen) 

2 Individual Calls

20+ Written, Audio, Video Resources

10+ Video Growth-Prompts

A group forum (Whats app or FB) to discuss 

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