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"Growth sounds great, but HOW do I do it?"

Clients often ask for more hands-on ways to approach growth that isn't just thinking about it, so I have created Growth-Play as practical yet playful ways to push your boundaries. 

What is


Growth shouldn't feel like hard work. Sure some growth hurts, but remember when you were a kid and could learn a lot about life through a few simple games?

Growth-Play feels really fun, but it also allows you to safely access and express the deeper aspects of yourself through art, embodied practices, writing, rituals, and playfulness.

I have used theories from prominent Jungian-psychologists, philosophers, and educators to create therapeutic, empowering, insightful, and literally life-changing Growth-Play activities.

Growth-Play is holistic "homework" that is actually fun. When you begin Growth-Play, it feels very playful and intuitive -- you may even be brought back to your childhood.  It becomes deeper when you are asked to interpret your play from the perspective of growth.


Instead of pushing hard to change your behaviors, you are playing with your comfort zone and stretching your boundaries in a soft, more sustainable way. Remember flowers open with gentle water and sunlight -- not by banging them on the table! 

Reflecting on how you actually play can be extremely insightful as well. For example, if you are dancing do you prefer mimicking a teacher or making up your own steps? When making a collage, do you prefer to rip the images or cut them neatly? Recognizing your current boundaries gives you space to grow into new ways of doing, thinking, and being--in and out of your play. 

Clients that have used Growth-Play call it: "surprisingly deep", "more helpful than reading", "illuminating", and of course "fun!". 

Grow by playing with your comfort zones

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