Live deeply. Embrace all dimensions of Growth. 

"The concept of the"vertical dimension" changed my life. Now when I connect to it,

things flow more smoothly, I have less fear, and I feel more connected to the world..."

--P.T., Canada

Let's get deep. You are here because you know that there is more to life than getting the next raise, bigger house, and better holidays. 

You want inner-Growth that doesn't just happen in your daily, finite life (which I call the "horizontal dimension"), but happens at a deeper level -- in that mysterious, infinite realm (which I call it the "vertical dimension").

So how do you do it? Join a Depth-Quest and embrace your multi-dimensional life

What is the vertical dimension?

Luckily, you've been there before...

Here are my two favorite multi-dimensional metaphors: The Plant and the Compass 

It's time to recognize your life in more than one dimension! Some people accidentally (or purposely) live only on the horizontal dimension: daily life (past/present), focusing solely on what can be done, achieved, and produced visibly. Sure, living on the East-West direction of the compass and leaves of the plant feels really good because it is easy to measure, and you'll feel "successful", but you'll also feel a bit empty and unfulfilled.

It's only when you can tune-in to vertical dimension that your life will become deeper. 

The Sun/North allows you to access an invisible, but infinite, Spirit that connects everything, and indescribably permeates all that is. You may have accidentally tapped into this when you have seen a beautiful natural landscape, or purposefully tapped into it through prayer or meditation. 


Making sense of this mysterious Spirit energy is how you find YOUR meaning of life

The Roots/South gives you access to an immense power within your unique Soul: the gifts you were born with, your profound personal truths, and all you are. You may have accidentally tapped into this when you trusted your intuition, or purposefully tapped into it through an altered state of consciousness.


Making sense of your Soul is how you find purpose in life. 

It's not a mistake that the vertical dimension is nearly invisible in these models -- but when the vertical and horizontal align it feels like a spiral of intense life experiences and when they do: You find pockets of JOY!

What is a Depth-Quest and how is it unique?

A Depth-Quest is an inner-journey that reconnects you to all dimensions of your human experience. Don't worry, it's still OK to value material success and happiness found on the horizontal dimension, but you will also learn unique ways to move beyond temporary achievements and tap into something deeper, and infinite -- trusting your own innate wisdom as well as sacred/divine inspiration. 

Regardless if you are just beginning your journey of self-Growth or already well on your way, this Quest helps you find meaning everywhere, trust the profound wisdom in your experiences, connect to your purpose, and begin serving the world in the way only you can. 

Depth-Quests are unique because they place equal importance on the insight of your Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul. Holistic techniques derived from spiritual, philosophical, and psychological wisdom help you stretch your most indescribable, life-affirming and truly transformative, multi-dimensional experiences. 

As a coach, I personally use a unique method during a Depth-Quest, which is sharing the intuitive guidance I receive while working with you. Every session is different, but clients who receive this intuitive insight describe it as "amazingly accurate" and tend to feel more "supported", "understood", and even a bit "spooky" at how powerful it is.  

What are multi-dimensional experiences and how do they feel?

Multi-dimensional experiences are often called "peak experiences" and sometimes they are ordinary, but profound.  Other times they are simply extraordinary. Like:

  • Impactful ecological/cultural experience

  • Illness (or Worldwide Pandemic!)

  • Childbirth or death/grief

  • Rock bottom

  • Unique shared experience

  • Life crisis

  • Coincidence/Synchronicity

  • Psychedelic/Mystical experiences

  • Spiritual insights/Premonitions

  • Out of Body/Near Death 

  • Kundalini/energetic awakening

  • E.T. experience

  • Supernatural/paranormal events
  • Past life memories 

and many more...

​Multi-dimensional experiences feel: 

  • Very important, meaningful, and unforgettable

  • Magical, mystical, defying reality

  • Insightful, Deeply moving 

  • Disorientating, causing existential crises

Who would enjoy a Depth-Quest?

Depth-Quests are a unique experience that will resonate more with you if you: 

  • Are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Empath, Intuitive, or Perceptive

  • Describe yourself as a light-worker, healer, channel, or conscious creator

  • Are having a breakthrough, awakening, spiritual emergence, or inner-calling 

  • Have been longing to make amends between your different strengths, life experiences, and the way you show up in the world 

  • Are longing to tune into something greater, trust your intuition, and confidently use your gifts in the world  

How does your personal Depth-Quest plant seeds for planetary Growth?

Your personal Growth becomes planetary when you integrate the wisdom of your multi-dimensional experiences. Turn your "peak experiences" into a peek into something greater than yourself, and your role within that greater reality.

By embarking on this unique inner-journey of a Depth-Quest, you become a pioneer for embracing all dimensions of the human experience. Your expanded consciousness will influence everyone around you and afterwards you will continue to carry with you:

  • An awareness of your multi-faceted identity and amazing potential

  • Appreciation for how your multi-dimensional experiences weave together  

  • More holistic, deep, meaning belief-systems 

  • Confidence in your soul's purpose and how to embrace and DO it

  • Skills to continue lifelong transformations 

Who is your Depth-Quest guide

I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

a Growth and Transformation Specialist

As a Highly Sensitive Person, I grew up feeling the world very deeply. Being perceptive of invisible energies, I got glimpses of the vertical dimension without realizing it: an ability to see people's auras, read room's energies, see ghosts, and even remember past life memories. But the older I got, that went from being natural to confusing as my interests veered toward all things scientific (I even became a scientist and science teacher!). 

Like so many of my clients, I had hopped onto the horizontal dimension and pursued achievements, success and happiness...and basically forgot how to connect to Spirit and Soul


But it was after some unique cultural exchanges, spiritual experiences, and altered states of consciousness, that I was brought back to my gifts, and reminded of my purpose in the world

I began living on both dimensions again: pursuing a PhD in Leadership and Change, but trusting my intuition and spiritual guidance on where to focus (Transformative Learning).


After completion, I certified as a Creative Depth Coach to get in touch with how to share this new wisdom. I was stretching pockets of the vertical more and more (learning the Tarot, Akashic Recordsintuitive readings and more) and now I am certifying as a Spiritual Emergence Coach to help others who are on a similar path. 

It's my calling to help others Grow deeply. I value holism and wholeism: meaning I love using diverse mind, body, and soul-based techniques in my coaching to help you embrace your whole self, on all of the dimensions you exist on. 

If you are new to this journey, I completely understand how it feels to try and live in seemingly paradoxical dimensions. But you will be pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it feels to finally tie it all together... 

Come explore a Depth-Quest with me..

I offer several ways to work with me. Choose the one that fits best based on where you are in your journey, your budget, and availability.


What can I expect on a Depth-Quest?

Depending on which package you choose, your Depth-Quest experience will be multi-dimensional! You can expect: 

  • To be fully seen and heard (in all dimensions!) 

  • Insights from Dr. Larson's Growth and Transformation expertise as well as intuitive guidance she receives during your journey (sometimes she will receive visions/messages for you other times she will use metaphysical tools to access additional information you need)

  • Practical tools and techniques for the mind, body, and soul that you can use immediately  

  • Frameworks that help you understand your journey from several holistic perspectives (spiritual, psychological, developmental, philosophical, etc.)

What do former Depth-Quest clients say?

Sao Mai

from Canada

I reached out to Katie during a period when my creativity was bubbling with energy, but I had difficulty trusting it and felt confused about where it was all taking me.


She is such an insightful listener, which enabled her to read my emotions accurately, and at the same time, her gifts as a communicator helped her convey her insights in a way that spoke to me specifically. These qualities quickly put me at ease during our conversation, and I felt free to share with her my thoughts, feelings and impressions. Using vivid imagery, Katie helped me understand my creative energy's patterns so I can learn to flow with it, and honour it. She also gently guided me to tap into my body's wisdom as a way of listening to the deep desires and motivations in me. I left feeling more grounded and confident about the creative path I had chosen to pursue. 


from USA

My whole life I've kept things to myself because I had a hard time communicating how I feel. I know it’s
important to talk to somebody who can understand you, listen, and guide you to a more healthy path.


So it felt really good sharing things I haven't talked about with anyone else because Dr. Katie really understood me and my experiences. I felt weights off
my shoulder and finally understood my life from a whole new perspective.


I feel like I got answers to so many questions I was trying to figure out by
myself for years, after only one session with Katie! After our session, I felt more confident in my own answers to”Who
am I?” ,“Why do I think/feel like this?” And “What is my purpose in life?”

I really recommend this Depth-Quest and will return again for more insight soon! 


from USA

I had such an incredible experience with Dr. Katie. She supported me in finding so much clarity, direction, and connection with myself and what I truly, deeply desire.


I found myself in tears, fits of laughter, and in a space of total acceptance (I could be me, and I could be messy) and empowerment (I felt seen, heard, validated, and supported) throughout the session. I came to her for clarity, and I not only uncovered what I truly, deeply want for myself, I experienced a profound revelation about myself and my son. It was such a fun and supportive session, and I'm so grateful I connected with her. I'll be working with her again!

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