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Uncover the profound wisdom hidden in your extraordinary experiences 

Sometimes your most transformative, life-changing moments are also the most indescribable or weirdest experiences. Instead of keeping them secret, learn how to celebrate these profound, Growth-inducing events. Integrate their wisdom and remember your unique purpose, true calling, and service to the world. 

"I hadn't talked about this experience with anyone -- even though it changed my life!  Speaking with Dr. Larson without fear of judgment allowed me to see how this event actually made me want to live more authentically..."

-H.F., Hong Kong 

Transformation by definition must feel weird

"This is going to sound weird, but..." has to be one my favorite phrases to hear!

As an international Growth Coach, I am grateful to have witnessed many clients uncover  profound truths about who they ARE by simply diving deeper into some of the unusual transformations they have already experienced.  

What is even more fascinating is that despite these extraordinary experiences being profound and life-changing, many of my clients have never spoken about them before because they are simply too "strange", "indescribable", or "weird" to share.

I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, 

a Growth and Transformation Specialist

I work with clients who have had peak transformative experiences

Sometimes these are ordinary, but profound, other times they are simply extraordinary. Like:

  • Strange dreams

  • Premonitions

  • Out-of-Body/Near-Death experiences

  • Supernatural/paranormal events

  • Psi/magick experiences 

  • Past-life memory

  • Psychedelic experiences

  • Spiritual insights

  • Mystical experiences

  • Kundalini/energetic awakening

  • E.T. experience

  • Psychic abilities

and many more...

Peak experiences irreversibly change you at a deep level 

"Peak Experiences" are exciting, deeply moving, and life-changing events that leave you with a magical, mystical sensation. They also feel:

  • Very important, meaningful, and unforgettable

  • "More real than real" or defy reality

  • Insightful into "bigger picture"/higher purpose

  • Disorientating, causing existential crises

Peak experiences are natural, normal, and necessary

A Peak experience tends to give you a peek into something greater than ourselves, and perhaps your role within that greater reality.

While exciting and palpable, these new realizations can sometimes provoke a sense of uncertainty, make you doubt your perceptions, and question reality. 

Many people cite a peak experience as the catalyst for changing their life... They are are the seeds to inner Growth

These experiences must be cultivated and nourished in order integrate the wisdom they carry (no matter how weird they may be). 

When you integrate your experience, you change the world, not just yourself

These very personal experiences can become planetary when you can properly integrate them. You are able to become :

  • Aware of your rich, multi-faceted identity

  • Awakened to your greatest potential

  • Confident in your soul's purpose

  • Ready to enact your true calling...


This is where I come in. 

This is my calling. I found it through my own weird experiences

I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD,

a Growth and Transformation specialist

I too have experienced phenomena that would be considered "weird" by most professionals. My own search for holistic integration of these moments has led me to create this safe space for you to explore, process, and make meaning of your unusual, but life-changing experiences.  

We are all so much more than the story we tell...

From a young age, I have had glimpses into other "realities": from seeing people's auras, ghosts, and remembering past lives. Later, weird spiritual experiences and altered states of consciousness made me question the nature of the universe, and more importantly my role in it.


My calling is to help you find deeper meaning in your experiences, embrace the profound wisdom they offer, and further awaken to your purpose and calling.  

It's through these personal experiences and my professional studies,

I have come to understand a profound truth: 

You are here for a reason. 

And that reason may not be as easy to recognize immediately, but there are little seeds of wisdom hidden deep in your Peak experience just waiting to unfold. 

Let's unfold yours...

I offer three ways to work with me, choose what fits best