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Unfold into who you've always been...
but have yet to become.

You know that deep inside you is a version of yourself that has been waiting for you to find it. 

There is more to your story than this life. 

Who am I?


I also play many roles, but for you: I am the trusted guide on your inner journey. My life's purpose is to guide you toward Growth using the tools of "Questing": hypnotherapy, coaching, and metaphysical practices.

I've always been a "Quester", and my own inner and outer journeys have brought me the multi-disciplinary tools I use with you. 

Decades of experience successfully leading clients through Growth and Transformation have reassured me that my own gift of Sensitivity is what helps me gently guide others through the messiness of Growth with ease. 


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Who do I work with?  

I work with all consciously curious people. My specialty is guiding Highly Sensitive People (HSP)Empaths, and Intuitives.  

If you have never labeled yourself that way, you might be if you: 


  • Feel the world deeply, your emotions strongly, and your thoughts intensely

  • Can pick up on the subtle energies/emotions of people, animals, and even places​

  • Have felt misunderstood for much of your life -- including by yourself!

  • Are curious and attracted to meaningful, purpose-driven pursuits

Still on the fence about being a HSP? Take this Quiz!


How do you benefit from working with me?  

A few of my clients have described working with me as a "scavenger hunt for their soul". :) 

I love this image, because each Quest is unique to YOU and the clues you receive on your journey are exactly what your soul needs to GROW at this time.  

Growth not only offers joy, but also purpose, meaning, and most importantly, healing

Besides Growth, you will benefit by: 

  • Letting go of any conscious or unconscious blocks

  • Stepping more confidently into your life's purpose 

  • Healing health issues, traumatic wounds, and energetic issues 

  • Creating better self-care practices and boundaries with others

  • Cultivating a life of ease and joy 

What do my clients say?  


Why am I called to this work?  


Like many HSPs, I am endlessly curious, which led me to exciting careers as a scientist, educator, author, and consultant all over the world. Somewhere between chasing monkeys in the Borneo jungle and teaching students high in the Andes, I stumbled upon my real passion: inner journey-work.  

This led me to deeper studies, including a PhD in Transformative Learning and certifications in Depth Coaching, Transpersonal Wellness, Hypnotherapy, and coaching for Spiritual Emergence. But much of my expertise comes from being born a HSP and Intuitive Empath: so I have personal insight into what you may also be experiencing. 

Through my own inner-work I know I have been called to help others rediscover their superpowers, authentically express their deep feelings, and unapologetically embrace their Sensitive Self.


I work with two primary methods: coaching conversations and hypnotherapy. I also use secondary metaphysical techniques (such as Tarot and journeywork). Each technique will creates a unique, holistic "Quest" for you that brings about immense personal Growth.

Because of my varied background, my approaches are influenced by modern scientific research, ancient Eastern and Western wisdom, esoteric principles, multi-cultural spiritual practices, and more!). No two Quests are alike. 

How do I work best?  

3 session


Embrace all of you on this holistic journey of self-discovery. Grow into who you've always meant to become.

90 minute


Efficient and perfect for ambitious seekers who just need a quick push in the direction of Growth. 

(New) Hypno-Quest Hypnotherapy Sessions

Unlock the power of your "transpersonal" world and live the life you have dreamed of!



Where can You begin? 

Click on one (or ALL!) of these FREE downloadable Self-Discovery Kits to learn more about yourself and how to begin your personal journey. 


How to connect: 

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Let's try each other on for size! I accept new clients after a 30 minute Discovery Call. We will know if we are right for one another!

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