"Love others as yourself" only works if you speak the same love language! 

We all want our children to feel loved... 


But we may also only be loving them the way WE want to feel love, not how THEY want to feel it.

Learning and speaking one another's "love languages" allows you to build authentic relationships where each person can feel seen, valued, and appreciated... and the younger you learn the better! 


Dr. Gary Chapman's "5 Love Languages" have transformed countless lives and the earlier we understand the way we enjoy giving and receiving love, the easier it becomes to enjoy the love we all deserve!

Let's explore: 

Your child's main love languages through hands-on (masks-on!) play
Creative, accessible at-home activities that reach all love languages 
Additional resources that will inspire even more exploration 

... Share even more LOVE in your family

Let's Learn: 

If it's possible to give someone the perfect gift
When a hug is more than a hug
If sitting quietly near one another is enough for some
How helping in the kitchen keeps some hearts full
Why love letters work better for some more than others

Our "viral times"/ FAQ

Q:  Will the instructor wear a mask? Should we?

A: The instructor will wear a mask. It is advised to bring a mask and wear it if it makes you feel more comfortable, but is not mandatory. 

Q: What other considerations for the virus will be made?

A: This workshop will only have maximum 12 people attending. All attendees will wash hands immediately upon arrival. Children and parents are encouraged to engage with one another, but not necessarily closely with others. Please DO NOT attend if feverish or unwell.


Q: Has the instructor been to China during the past month?

A: No. The instructor has not been to China, or recently out of HK.

Q: What age children are most welcome?

A: Suggested age is 6-12 years, but those who are able to write (with assistance is OK) and show interest in the workshop are most welcome! 

Q: Will any food be made/eaten?

A: Yes, chocolate chip cookies (butter, eggs, chocolate, flour) will be made and eaten if your child has an allergy, please consider this...

About your Instructor

(and why she LOVES the 5 Love Languages)

Dr. Katie T. Larson is a Growth Coach and founder of GrowthQuests. 

She has over 20 years experience as an educator, consultant, and coach where she has helped children and adults transform into wholeness. Her primary love language is 'Words of Affirmation' and she is a Sai Kung mum to a sassy toddler whose love language is 'Quality Time'. After discovering Dr. Gary Chapman's work over ten years ago, ALL of her relationships were positively transformed.


The inspiration for this parent-child course was based on feedback from her adult coaching clients who -- after being introduced to the "5 Love Languages" -- have exclaimed"I wish I knew about this earlier!". Sharing these simple, yet life-changing practices to families when children are young can shape them for years to come. 

Now, more than ever, she wants EVERYONE to access as much love as possible.  

Reserve your space

Spaces is limited to 6 families, first come first serve.

Additional families will be put on a wait list and refunded if unable to attend. 

POSTPONED until Further Notice

Any additional questions: 


** Please note we will be making chocolate chip cookies (with flour, butter, egg, chocolate, etc.) in case there are any food allergies