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A Woman's Journey
(Not your average women's circle)   

Her-Quest is a Woman's Journey-- a safe, nourishing space for women to unfold into womanhood. It was designed as a "women's circle for women who don't like women's circles" (!)  

You Most Likely:

  • Are successful, modern woman who has done everything "right" in your life...but can't help but feel like something is still missing

  • Have hundreds of "digital friends" on social media, but very few real girlfriends

  • Are rediscovering your femininity, but groups of women (and their shadow side) still intimidates you 

  • Desire to know who you truly are, belong to a supportive sisterhood, and reconnect with something just simply don't know how. 

Her-Quest is WHERE you learn HOW...

The thing you need to know is:

That "something" is real.

For nearly all modern, successful women, that something deeper is actually your desire to reconnect with your Feminine energy.

But if you have been burned by women before, or if it's been years since you connected to your own femininity, you can be quite hesitant to begin this journey...

Come learn how to embrace the Feminine with other women who are on a similar path.   

Why Join Her-Quest?

After attending Her-Quest you will leave...

  • Not only hearing your intuition, but trusting it to make the small and BIG decisions 

  • Using self-compassion to lovingly accept your light and shadow sides 

  • Understanding how your cyclic nature influences all parts of your life

  • Practicing healthy boundaries that protect your vital energy  

  • Embracing life's pleasures by leaning into the FUN side of the Feminine  


What is Her-Quest?

Her-Quest is a women's circle...

for women who normally don't like women's circles

It's the space you haven't found yet, but are curious WTF ("what the fuss") is all about. :)

This is not your average women's circle.


We do embodied practices that give you hands-on/hearts-on experiences that stretch your definition of who you really are.  

We go deep: into yourself and into what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

You'll learn real, tangible tools and skills that help you Grow into the woman you are always becoming.


You will create mature, meaningful relationships with other women who are longing for the same thing. 

And you just might leave liking women's circles...

IMG_1015 - Version 2.JPG

What we do...

​Each 1.5 hour session is bespoke to each theme, but it includes a combination of: 

  • Movement: Dance, Physical exercises, Role-playing

  • Deep Reflection: Journaling, Deep-thinking prompts, Art, Creative Depth-Play

  • Sacred Inquiry: Listening without judgment, Speaking with intent, holding space, storytelling

  • Visualization/Guided Meditation: Gaining insight using guided exploration

  • Touch: Shared healthy touch, massage, hugging

Did one of those make you nervous? (usually it's the 'touch'!) Don't worry...

a) you're normal and b) we cycle through each of these Feminine Embodiment Practices, so five to ten minutes of (temporary) discomfort may be what Grows you the most... ;)

What we DON'T do...

This women’s circle is very intentional about providing a safe, nurturing space. The focus is more on YOU finding your own way, and less on:

  • Complaining or gossiping about other women or partners

  • Giving “expert” advice, trying to "fix you" or make you into something else 

  • Taking photos or videos

  • Arguing about divisive topics like religion or politics

We are bringing the sisterhood back to womanhood by practicing the Awakening Women’s Global Sisterhood Manifesto.


Personally, I pride myself on providing a genuine space for women to feel welcome, safe and appreciated. I kindly ask that only those who can do the same join us. 

Who would enjoy Her-Quest?

Those who identify as women of all ages, stages, and backgrounds are welcome. Whether you are in Maidenhood, Motherhood, or Sagehood, there is a space waiting for you. You will know if Her-Quest is right for you if you are:  

  • Ready to explore a side of you that equally intrigues and scares you

  • Curious about how embracing Femininity can strengthen you and provide wholeness   

  • Open to learning realistic, holistic practices that you can apply immediately  

A woman who heals herself heals her family and her community, you will value your inner journey as a service to the world.

Laying on Beach

When is Her-Quest?

Her-Quest meets monthly the third Monday of the month from 7:00pm-8:30pm. 

Upcoming Dates: September 19, October 17

Where is Her-Quest?

Her-Quest is in Oak Cliff, Dallas


We meet at: 

Our Wellness Community 

207 S Tyler St, Dallas, TX 75208

We meet 7:00-8:30pm


Who is your Guide?


Her-Quest is guided by me, Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD--wife, mother, and founder of GrowthQuests. My day job is coaching and hypnotherapy, but I am passionate about women's circles! 

Eight years ago, I never thought I would join a women's circle, but after accidentally attending one (!) I found the warm, support of mature, genuine women was just what I was longing for. It changed my life positively in dozens of ways.

I've run women's circles for over 5 years and I mix my favorite emotional wellness practices to create a welcoming, holistic environment for women of all walks of life. When I am not hosting circles, I am a Hypnotherapist and personal Growth coach who specializes in working with Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, and Intuitives. 

How  do I sign up?


For intimacy's sake we have a capacity, so please book ONLINE before arrival.

Please sign up HERE. 

Her-Quest is a sliding scale event. Click on the payment amount that works best for you and transfer that amount via VENMO

(Please put your email address in the message box!)

Still on the Fence?

A woman who Grows herself plants the seeds of Growth for everyone around her. 


Imagine a world where everyone you interact with are comfortable unfolding into the most authentic versions of themselves: with high self-worth, unbreakable self-compassion, utmost confidence, deep-seated meaning-making, and life-driving purpose

Her-Quest FAQs

Q: What are the benefits of women's circles? 

A: Women actually shine brightest when we are in supportive, loving, authentic groups. Women who attend women's circles regularly have better physical, mental, and social health, stronger friendships, longer-lasting marriages, and even more career success.

But you don't need a research study to confirm what you feel once you attend one. There is a palpable power in women's circles that many attendees confirm is the exact feeling they have been missing from their 'perfect-on-paper' (but not in reality) lives. 

Q: Why Her-Quest, Why now?

A: Empowering women isn't just a political or economic issue. We must begin to heal the Feminine within. 

Personally, I at the age of 12 I was a victim of girlhood bullying and this significantly influenced the way I approached women the rest of my life.

Although I was an "includer" by nature, the thought of joining a woman's circle scared me because most of my previous experience with groups of women usually ended with betrayal or disappointment. 

Fast forward to 2015 when I accidentally stumbled into a women's circle and was met with a safe, nourishing space that allowed me to explore my entire perspective of myself as a woman, the Feminine energy within the world, and my relationships with other women. 


When mature women reconnect with their Feminine energy (light and shadows!), we can literally change the world. 

One woman at a time. 

(You can read Dr. KTL's BLOG on her experiences HERE)

Q: Why is this considered "not your average women's circle"? 

A: Her-Quest was designed with the assumption that you may have never attended (or enjoyed) women's circles in the past, so I make sure you understand why we do what we do so you can learn how they can positively influence your life (and do them at home!).

Additionally, Her-Quest is less discussion-based and more experiential, which can be a welcoming experience for women who are more introverted (and don't enjoy the social nature of talking-groups), those who like to chat can stick around toward the end. All are welcome to have a unique experience in the comfort of other women. 

Even if you actually love women's circles (and other women), you will find the design of Her-Quest a refreshingly new take on how to experience the power of a circle.  

Q: Where does the circle take place? 

A: Our Wellness Community in Oak Cliff, Dallas TX. 

Q: Can I leave early/arrive late?

A: We ask kindly that all participants commit to the entire time (7pm-8:30pm) to prevent interrupting the flow of the experience. 

Q: What are the COVID measures at this event?

A: Ah, COVID, the gift that keeps giving... :( With cases on the rise, please do not attend if you have any symptoms whatsoever, please do not attend. You can email Dr. Katie for a refund if you are unable to attend the day of the event. We will socially distance for most of the events, but if you prefer to wear a mask, please do (they are not mandatory). 

Q: Why is this a women-only event?

A: We will be discussing experiences that are unique to women, and may share intimate, personal insights that are appropriate for women only. We welcome anyone who identifies as a woman to join. 

Q: What if I want to ask more questions before I sign up? 

A: Email Dr. Larson at:

Lady in Nature
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