GrowthQuests is based in Hong Kong and is available for local and global workshops 

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Journey into your inner-world like a true explorer.

"A Growth-Quest makes self-discovery as exciting as any trip I've ever been on!"

--- J.P., Hong Kong

Sometimes you know you need to Grow, but you just aren't sure how. Perhaps you feel stuck, lost, afraid, or just waiting for that catalyst to nudge you to the next stage. Or perhaps you are already in the midst of Growth, but need support with all of the new energies within you. 

A Growth-Quest begins with a diagnostic tool that will help you assess where you are in your inner-journey and where you would like to be. This will help you navigate your Personal Quest with confidence, and allow Dr. Larson's Growth Coaching to offer customized, holistic support that will optimize your Growth. 

Not only will you engage in three empowering conversations, but each Growth-Quest comes with a helpful map and ten personalized Growth Play activities -- which feel really intuitive and fun, but also allow you to safely access and express the deeper aspects of yourself through art, dance, embodied practices, writing, rituals, and playfulness. You will also have access to unlimited email support for when you want to share revelations, epiphanies, and celebrations. 

You can be anywhere in the world to enjoy a Growth-Quest. Those who want to continue on with Dr. Larson often choose the Depth-Quest package.


Gain clarity, support, and guidance on this holistic coaching experience with Dr. Katie T. Larson 

Join from anywhere in the world!

In this package you will receive: 

  • One 90 minute in-person* coaching session

  • Two 60 minute video call coaching sessions

  • Ten customized Growth-Play activities 

  • BONUS Quest Map

  • BONUS Unlimited email access during coaching package 

This package must be used before 12 weeks. 

*Within Hong Kong

Your investment is: $3500 HKD 

(~450 USD, ~400 Euro, ~360 GBP ~630 AUD, ~590 CAD)