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Let Yourself Unfold

Unfold into the Self you've always been but have yet to become

A Growth-Quest is based on the concept that there has always been a whole Self folded tightly within you. You can never see the whole version at once, but you've gotten little clues and hints about it your entire life. 

It's only when you truly honor the hints and "Let Yourself Unfold", that you can embody a more authentic, aligned, and whole YOU. 

Become the version of yourself you have always been, but have yet to become. 

Why Let Yourself Unfold?

The philosophy I've based a Growth-Quest on is the "Acorn Theory" by James Hillman

In the "Acorn Theory", psychologist James Hillman describes that just as the oak tree's destiny is imprinted within the acorn, you too have a unique calling of who you truly are that waiting to be heard and Grown into.


You cannot become an oak tree overnight, but if you trust the yearnings and callings enough to Let Yourself to Unfold, even if you are an acorn planted in a field of sunflowers, you can only become the mighty oak tree you really are.  

This is a controversial idea because it can test your opinions on free will, but it is meant to provoke a realization that you've actually always had a unique attraction to WHO YOU REALLY ARE deep inside and as a result are drawn to certain ideas, people, and even careers. The oak tree inside you wants to be realized, so it will give you hints, urges, and pulls in the direction of Growth.  

Empaths, Intuitives, and Highly Sensitive People resonate with the Acorn Theory because we have an especially deep connection to this whole Self folded within. But as a result of living in a culture that does not value this connection, many of us have ignored, overlooked, or forgotten about it. 


What is a Growth-Quest and how is it unique?

A Growth-Quest encourages you to listen to the callings, embrace your own wisdompractice your inborn gifts,and trust the journey of Growth that is leading you toward the mighty oak tree. 

A Growth-Quest assumes you are exactly where you need to be on your journey, BUT in order to unfold into your whole Self, you must create the best Growth-conditions for you. 

Regardless if you are just beginning your journey of self-Growth or already well on your way, this Quest helps you find who you really are, what your unique wisdom is, what is currently blocking you, and how you can use these challenges as Growth opportunities.  

Growth-Quests are unique because they challenge you to love your whole Self -- light and shadow. Only then can you Grow into who you are meant to become next. Holistic techniques derived from spiritual, philosophical, and psychological wisdom help you embrace self-discovery as a tool for self-development.  

Who would enjoy a Growth-Quest?

Growth-Quests are a unique experience that will resonate more with you if you: 

  • Are longing to know (and love) yourself fully, trust your intuition more, and confidently offer your unique service to the world 

  • Are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Empath, Intuitive, or Perceptive

  • Feel drawn to learning about archetypes, symbols, mythology, philosophy and psychology 

  • Want to feel more confident in hearing your Callings, enacting your Truth, and speaking your Voice   

  • Have been looking for a way to reinvent yourself and tell a new story to the world about who you are


How does a Growth-Quest plant seeds for planetary Growth?

Your personal Growth becomes planetary when you live authentically among all you interact with. Your Growth doesn't end with you, but will extend outwards and influence your family, workplace, and community. 

By embarking on this unique journey, you become a pioneer for self-development through self-discovery. Your expanded consciousness will influence the planet as you continue to carry with you:

  • Appreciation for the unique tapestry of your skills, gifts, and characteristics 

  • More holistic ways of caring for yourself and others 

  • Confidence in your soul's purpose

  • Skills to continue lifelong Growth

Who is your Growth-Quest guide

I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD

a Growth and Transformation Specialist

Knowing I am a coach now, there are so many "acorn" experiences from my youth that led me here: just where I am meant to be now. 


I grew up with a deep love of the world and an insatiable curiosity to how it all worked. This led me to endless trips to the library and doing mini science experiments with bugs in my backyard. I even used to teach "school" to my neighbors in my basement. So, it wouldn't surprise you that in my first career I became a scientist and science teacher.


It was my love of National Geographic magazines as a kid that evolved into opportunities to travel the world as a scientist, teacher, consultant and coach. I knew from a young age I was meant to be in the "bigger world" and that pull kept bringing me back out.   

I also used to play "college" as a kid (who does that!?)...yep pretending to have 'late night cram sessions' as an 8 year old was my version of fun! This makes a lot of sense in light of my PhD in Leadership and Change, focused on Transformative Learning.


Every child loves art, but not every kid tries to explain how their artwork made them feel--I did. This makes my certification as a Creative Depth Coach make sense, I needed an outlet for how to share the wisdom of my research.


And perhaps it was my love of the occult, paranormal, and esoteric that has evolved into me currently certifying as a Spiritual Emergence Coach to help others who are on a similar path. 

It's my calling to help others Grow deeply. I value holism and wholeism: meaning I love using diverse mind, body, and soul-based techniques in my coaching to help you embrace your whole self, and all of the versions within you! 


I offer several ways to join a Growth-Quest.


Choose the service that fits best for you!

What can I expect on a Growth-Quest?

Depending on which package you choose, your Growth-Quest will be Growth-inducing! You can expect: 

  • To be fully seen and heard  

  • Insights from Dr. Larson's Growth and Transformation expertise as well as intuitive guidance she receives during your journey (sometimes she will receive visions/messages for you other times she will use metaphysical tools to access additional information you need)

  • Practical tools and techniques for the mind, body, and soul that you can use immediately  

  • Frameworks that help you understand your journey from several holistic perspectives (spiritual, psychological, developmental, philosophical, etc.)

Can I try a FREE Growth-Kit?

Try a bit of Growth-Play on for size with this FREE Growth-Kit! 




Still Unsure? Reach out for a risk-free call:

call me

Let's try each other on for size! With this 30 minute complimentary coaching call you can share what you want and feel if we are a good fit!

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