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Have you been waiting your whole life for this? I know I have...

After being in Hong Kong home-quarantine the past two weeks (and socially isolated 10 weeks!)-- in between my own freak-out moments (yes, we all have them intermittently) -- I can't help but feel like I have been unconsciously waiting for this moment my whole life, especially after a message that came to me in 2019.

"You will be one of the helpers"...


One day during autumn in 2019 I was walking my dog outside when I suddenly got a premonition of being "stuck" in Hong Kong--unable to fly out and even unable to leave my home. It affected me quite A LOT: firstly with fear, secondly with worry: my imagination ran away thinking of all the things that might lead to that scenario. In an emotional rant, I told my husband -- and he thought I was crazy.

Then in November, when the Hong Kong protests began to amplify, the airport temporarily closed, and suddenly I was filled with dread: "It's coming!"

Having that vision a few weeks earlier caused me to panic and without hesitation I bought my daughter and I a ticket out of HK immediately so we could be with family in the USA.

I thought I could outwit my premonition -- and if things were about to go down, I preferred to be with family instead of alone in HK. (But in reality... I was hiding.)

I stayed in the USA for eight weeks, and as things calmed down more and more in HK I couldn't help but wonder why I had panicked so much when I am normally quite calm and collected. I meditated on it, I journaled about it, I talked to friends about it, and came up with several reasons, but none felt completely accurate.

On top of that, my intuition was not allowing me to commit to anything back in HK the first few months of the year--I didn't know why, but I just couldn't say "yes" to any plans, because I had a strong knowing they simply would not happen.

Then, one evening before flying home to HK I got a clear intuitive message, "There is going to be a catastrophe. And you will be one of the helpers".

Obviously, I didn't want to believe it and chalked it up to unconscious self-aggrandizing. But remembering the other premonition months before, I took this one more seriously and made an internal agreement that if the time came:

I would not hide this time and I would instead step up.

The Pendulum of Courage and Fear

Then, when the virus hit Hong Kong this January during Chinese New Year, I wondered, 'Is this it?'.

But as it developed throughout Asia, most of us assumed that it could be stopped by simple measures of good hygiene and safe distances. Of course in my moments of fear, I imagined the worst--what this could do to not only our health care system, but jobs, the economy, and our future as we know it. I actually prayed that this wasn't "it", but instinctively knew it could be.

It was then that I went within and asked the same source of the original message if this was the time to be a helper. My answers were not only clear "YES", but the reasons why I needed to help were shown to me in the perfect golden thread, tying my entire life together. It was then that I realized I have been waiting my whole life for this moment.

And maybe you have too...

The Golden Thread

For example, I have the inborn gift of intuition, being able to sense people's energies and discern when they are being truthful. I also have an insatiable curiosity and love of learning which led me to a career as a teacher. That career gave me the acquired skills of facilitating and disseminating knowledge in an engaging, understandable way. After using my career as a teacher to gain lived experience working with cultures around the globe, I had a even stronger understanding of the universal nature of human transformation. That led me to go even further with my own self-development practices to find out how a deep wisdom within me matched the research I was drawn to for my PhD.

That Golden Thread showed me my service during this time: Helping others understand, survive, and embrace the transformation we are all undergoing together.

And this I promise to do as we continue down this shared path of crisis.

I share my example, because YOU TOO have a golden thread that unites your gifts, skills, wisdom, and experience that is perfectly aligned to your way to help.

And all of our ways to help are unique.

Why do you think you chose this moment to be alive?

If you spend enough time in New Age circles, you will have heard from multiple sources that we are undergoing a collective transformation. This has been described in ancient texts (ending of Kali Yuga, Age of Aquarius, etc.), measured in the increasing Schumann resonance, channeled by mediums, and even studied by CIA remote viewers. We are awakening. The veil is thinning. We are being called more than ever to remember why we are here...

I have loved entertaining this idea for over fifteen years, but it was my own direct experiences with my past life memories surfacing ten years ago that really made me believe that those of us on Earth in this exact moment have truly chosen to be here during this time.

So that said, you must ask yourself: WHY?

What is your role in this great transition?

What is the whisper you hear in your quietest moments?

What are the gifts and skills you are compelled to share?

What are the fears that are still holding you back, but you are ready to shed?

Remember it's not always a HUGE purpose, but lots of tiny purposes

I think a common assumption clients make when they are trying to remember their purpose is that it's not always as big as you think--most of the time, it is many little purposes--all tied together with a Golden Thread.

Calling in on a neighbor to see if they are OK.

Keeping a child calm amidst the panic around them.

Educating a parent on how to use technology to keep in touch with their grand-kids.

Rest assured you will know your purpose if you are truly listening to your natural intuition and the wisdom within you.

You have been waiting for this moment your whole life.

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