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She-Quest: A Heroine's Journey 

12-Week Hybrid Course


She-Quest: A Heroine's Journey 

Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been on your path for a while, you know that inside of you lives a Heroine---someone stronger, wiser, and timeless. Let's bring her out to play...   

A Heroine’s Journey is a powerful, ancient framework that describes a woman’s Quest for wholeness across her lifetime. 

You already know how this inner Quest feels.

It is your search for more joy and meaning

It is your desire to explore and express all parts of yourself 

It is your longing to embrace sacred energies 

It is your readiness to hear your call to live a greater purpose

 This 6-week She-Quest can offer the external guidance and support you seek. 


This She-Quest is perfect for you if...

You are a woman who... 

Wants to further explore her femininity and masculinity

Is looking for like-minded sisters on similar paths

May be experiencing a disorienting life transition

Is seeking to reawaken her embodied wisdom 

Or you have always wondered why...

As a teenage girl you may have begun drifting away from your mother or other females

As a young woman you easily climbed the “success ladder”, but still felt something was missing

You may have recently experienced a crisis not easily fixed by strategies that worked before

You are suddenly drawn to further connecting with deities, archetypes, and your own body 


No matter where you are your path, we will take this Heroine's Journey together...

What we'll explore 

Join your sisters on this 12-week She-Quest exploring the universal framework of personal transformation made popular by Joseph Campbell, then “feminized” by Maureen Murdoch.

A Heroine’s Journey is not just documented in thousands of well-researched cases of modern women, but is the same model seen in centuries-old myths and legends from all over the world. You may be surprised just how much you have in common with Demeter, Artemis…or even Marilyn Monroe! 

This is a "hybrid-course", meaning we will meet for 3 weeks in-person (May 17, 31, and June 21) and 3 weeks via online phone call (May 24, June 7, 14).

A hybrid course allows you to balance your inner processing with sharing.  

WEEK 1+2: Introducing the Heroine’s Journey, Exploring the Separation from the Feminine

We begin in person, creating a safe space to explore the Heroine's Journey together. After gaining a better understanding of the whole cycle of transformation, we will "cross the threshold" and begin the first phase of Separation from the Feminine.  

You will re-familiarize yourself with feminine archetypes you embody and then recall an experience of what all young women go through—your own separation from the Great Feminine. This separation comes in many forms, but may manifest in your life as detachment from your mother, resonating more closely with men, or judging other women. We will unpack how that has manifested and influenced you on your journey.


Your She-Guide will provide you with resources on psychological archetypes, spiritual goddess-work, biological menstrual cycle and hormone information, and more in order to give you more holistic understanding of your relationship with the feminine. 

WEEK 3+4: Understanding your Identification with the Masculine

Using Creative Depth Play you will explore how you began to identify with the pervasive masculine energy of “Father Culture” and most likely benefited from it. Many women describe this moment of their life as one of gathering allies and climbing the ladder of success. 

You will explore the masculine archetypes you embody, paying attention to both light and shadow aspects.  You will recognize the characters who have been allies or mentors along your journey and reach out to give gratitude. Your She-Guide will provide resources on healthy ego-development, the science of gratitude, recognizing foundational values, beliefs, and assumptions, and masculine archetypes and gods. 

WEEK 5+6: Surviving Roads of Trials and Enjoying Success (In Person)

By actively engaging with a physical path of trials, you will be brought back to moments in your journey when you have overcome obstacles and challenges. You will revisit perceived villains and reassess the roles they have played in your life. 

You will acknowledge internal and external successes by partaking in a celebratory ceremony that instills healthy practices for self-pride and recognition of others. Your She-Guide will provide resources on emotional resilience, personal mythology and embracing pride and grief. 

WEEK 7+8: Awakening to What’s Missing and Descending to the Goddess

Exploring ancient and modern myths, you will engage with metaphorical and archetypal stories that speak to the awakening of what’s missing. You will create a holistic representation of your own awakening and decipher what is symbolically abundant and absent from your life. 

Using modern and ancient rituals, you will establish self-compassionate embodied practices that will act as anchors as you descend into the Goddess and learn how to further surrender to the divine. Your She-Guide will provide resources on self-compassion, "Soul-Crafting" techniques, creating networks of support, and allegories of self-discovery. 

WEEK 9+10: Reconnecting with the Feminine, Healing the Mother Wound

Healing the Mother Wound is a powerful, vital aspect of a Heroine’s Journey and can single-handedly change the trajectory of a woman’s life and relationship with her sisters, daughters, and friends. 

Using self-authorship writing techniques, you will re-examine your relationship with the feminine. Several resources will be provided to further explore the Mother-Daughter split from a personal and global perspective.  

WEEK 11+12: Integrating Masculine and Feminine energies

After intimately engaging with your own private practices, you will share a powerful rite-of-passage with your sisters that will welcome you into a holistically integrated life.  

You will experience an alchemical synthesis of your masculine and feminine energies that will provide you with a more balanced and empowered way of being in the world.  Your She-Quest will provide resources on personal symbology and alchemy, parts of self, narrative therapy, and maintaining transformative practices. 

Benefits and Investment 

Which offers you these benefits...

- A safe, engaging place to explore deep, meaningful aspects of the journey with facilitator guidance and sister support

- A connected community who will hold space for your unfolding She-Quest so you can feel seen and heard through your experience  

- An immediate, multi-dimensional application of your new skills and wisdom, encouraging you to move confidently forward  

- An intimate conversation with a Transformative Depth Coach to help you integrate your She-Quest experiences into your life 

- Continued support during and after your She-Quest so you can share resources, offer support, and update your sisters 

This She-Quest Features...

- 6 hours of hands-on, in-person instruction at Pause


- 3 hours of live online bonus material with facilitator 

- 6 unique She-Quest learning guides in PDF form 

- 1 hour private coaching session with facilitator 

- Unlimited access to private group page 

Your Investment

$4500 HKD  

Your Facilitator


Dr. Katie T. Larson, Ph.D is the founder of GrowthQuests and is excited to bring the joys of creativity, stories, and play into your She-Quest. A courageous explorer of inner and outer worlds, she has traveled the globe gathering unique and universal aspects of how a Heroine's Journey unfolds.  

Katie began her career as a science educator and holds an M.A.T. in Biology from Miami University. While living with local families in places like Peru, Kenya, Mongolia, and Borneo, she became passionate about cultural exchanges as forms of personal transformation and later earned a Ph.D. in Leadership and Change with a focus in Transformative Learning from Antioch University. She feels called to help make personal transformation more navigable, meaningful, and heroic. She is also a highly qualified international educator and consultant, experienced performance storyteller, published author, TEDxSpeaker, and is currently training as a Creative Depth Coach. 

Additional Questions?



Want to know more?  Read this Q & A!

Q: So, what exactly is a ‘She-Quest’ or ‘Heroine’s Journey’?

A: The term Heroine’s Journey comes primarily from the work of Joseph Campbell and Maureen Murdoch. Campbell coined the term “Hero’s Journey” in his book “The Hero with a Thousand Faces” to describe the overwhelming similarities in myths from all cultures and all eras. Simply put, nearly all myths describe the same concept: how humans experience personal transformation and tend to follow somewhat predictable phases to reach authentic wholeness.

Later, Maureen Murdoch used Campbell’s work with the Hero’s Journey and focused on how women specifically explore a “Heroine’s Journey” throughout their lifetime. She too found very prominent and predictable phases in both ancient myths and modern women’s experiences.

I coined the phrase “She-Quest” because I believe that during our life journeys we have smaller Quests that both focus on one specific aspect of growth, and also mimic the larger journey in general… (hence why my business is called “GrowthQuests” :) ) A She-Quest focuses solely on how you as a woman are interacting with all aspects of yourself as you quest toward wholeness.

Q: Does every woman experience a Heroine’s Journey?

A: Yes, every woman will experience a unique journey and many aspects of hers will resemble the universal journey. I like to say that no myths are true, but all myths are Truth…meaning that just like the archetypal characters in our favorite ancient and modern stories, we too will go through joy, sorrow, and transformation.


You may not feel like you have something in common with the goddess Aphrodite, but maybe you do resonate with the pop icon Marilyn Monroe. We both learn from and connect with these universal aspects of womanhood through comparing our stories.

Q: What would be an example of some universal aspects of womanhood?

A: There are more than I can say, but in general many women experience something like a rotating yin yang. If you imagine it spinning from dark to light the pattern tends to be: Being Born Feminine> Losing touch with the Feminine and Gravitating to the Masculine> Being Successful then Unhappy with Masculine> Reconnecting with the Feminine> Integrating both Feminine and Masculine Energies. Yet, that pattern obviously has plenty of hiccups and challenges along the way!


Q: What are some challenges that women face in their Heroine’s Journey?

A: At every phase there are challenges, which is why we call ourselves “Heroines” when we overcome them! In the first part of our journey, we face a separation from the “Mother”—either personally or symbolically. This can manifest as difficulties with other women or a sense of confusion with our own feminine traits. Later we face challenges in the world of the “Father”—either difficulty being successful, or becoming quite successful, but feeling as if something is missing.

Later, we tend to have a crisis or dilemma that makes us question everything and the tools we learned in the world of the Father won’t fix it. Thus, we must descend to the Mother Goddess and re-learn how to connect with the Sacred and Personal Feminine. All of these challenges have the potential to stop us in our tracks if we are not prepared with tools, resources, and community, which is why this She-Quest is so powerful.


Q: Who would benefit from this 12-week “She-Quest”?

A: Obviously I think every woman! But especially those who have either just begun to actively explore their journey or have been journeying for a while and are now looking for additional support. Also women who have journeyed a while and know they have much to share are encouraged to join as this can be a great venue for mentorship.

Specifically I think the women who will benefit the most are those who may be at one of the challenge moments described above. If you can feel a shift in your feminine and masculine energies, if you want to understand a current ‘stuck’ situation, if you are afraid to surrender to a larger force, or if you are having trouble integrating all your diverse parts of self…this course is for you!


Q: What kind of activities will participants experience in the course?


A: You will experience the course uniquely, but all women will share 6 hours of in-person Growth-Play to physically embody aspects of her journey in an intimate space. When we are not together, you will have a custom-made Quest-Guide that offers specific tools, resources, and activities for each week of the She-Quest. Many of the activities will be paired with links for further reading or viewing if you choose to go even deeper.


During the Web-Calls you will have the opportunity to share and listen to how the experience is unfolding for you and your sisters. At any point during the 6 weeks you can schedule a time to speak privately with the facilitator for a Depth coaching session, which will help you integrate your experiences into your daily life.

Q: If anyone has additional questions or concerns, how do they contact you?

A: Contact GrowthQuests at 

She-Quest: A Heroine's Journey 


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