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New Year's Resolutions bore me! Inner-Journeys are what excites me :)

Unpopular opinion alert: New Year's Resolutions bore me to death!

Yes, I know I am a Growth Coach and I am meant to be encouraging you to set goals, but can we instead talk about the constant inner-journeys we're all on and which directions you would like yours to take this year? Areas like:

Which part of your soul has been whispering (or screaming) for your attention?

Which inner-boundaries are you ready to push?

What fears, pains, or stories are you finally ready to let go of?

What dreams do you need to announce to the world?

Sound similar to a resolution to you? There are actually subtle differences: Goals are linear, requiring masculine, yang-based energy to achieve. Journeys are non-linear, requiring both masculine and feminine, yin-based energies to explore.

Goals are finite-- they have a beginning and an end.

Journeys are infinite--they exist in both our finite, 'horizontal' dimension, but also in our imaginal realm-the 'vertical' dimension. Journeys have depth, and they offer meaning, purpose, and joy in ways that goals cannot.

There's a saying I love, "Want to make Spirit laugh? Tell It your plans..." Sometimes goals are necessary and we need them to get far in life, other times they are only our best intentions, but Life (and our journey in it) has other plans...

So, how do you shift perspective from goal-based to journey-based?

Try taking on some of these habits:

  • LOOK BACKWARD: Which events, challenges, and 'detours' actually led you to where you are now? Why were they important? What did you learn, how did you Grow?

  • MAKE MEANING: Read into coincidences, believe in synchronicity, assign significance to people, places, and things that give you an extra-rational insight into who you are and why you are here

  • ASK WHY YOU WROTE IT THIS WAY: I strongly believe we have already scripted our lives in another dimension and are now simply living them out in this one. Try on this perspective for a day: Why did you give yourself the challenges you have? What is the purpose of your life's circumstances? What is it like to watch you from a third-person perspective?

  • REDEFINE YOUR PURPOSE(s): Don't you love characters in novels and films that show up at just the right time? Sure, most times you are the main character with a big life purpose, but other times you are the supporting character with little (but significant) purposes, like influencing someone else to: take a risk, take comfort in you, see their potential, and so on. That detour you thought wasted your time might have actually changed someone else's life.

What about me? This year, I am taking my inner-journey in a direction that I haven't yet and it is sure to influence my personal and professional life.

Answering the questions I asked you above, the parts of my soul that have been whispering (and shouting) to get my attention are the healer, the shaman, the 'seer', and the mother. I am ready to push the boundaries of what I think I am metaphysically capable of by expanding my work into the more spiritual realm and what I think I am physically capable of by expanding my family with a second child (not pregnant yet!). I am ready to let go of a lot in my journey: the pain of early motherhood, the story that "no one truly understands me", and the fear of "what will my family think" when I 'come out' as deeply spiritual. And the dream that I am announcing to the world is that my work with GrowthQuests will look very different in the next five years (and if you stick with me, you will be able to watch it Grow).

Want to Grow with me?

I'm looking for clients who have been wondering why goals and resolutions just don't 'feel right' anymore and instead want to explore their inner-journeys.

This might be YOU if:

  • You've experienced something 'weird' that changed your life, but you haven't had anyone to help you integrate it yet

  • You want to explore the vertical dimensions of your life: your relationship to Spirit/the divine/all-that-is and Soul/the human/all-you-are

  • You have been hearing a whisper, a calling, or are experiencing an awakening and want to understand the new YOU unfolding.

Sound like YOU? Get in touch!

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