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The only meaning of life that matters is YOURS.

2020 has just floored us all. Unless you've been living under a rock (which sounds really tempting at the moment!) you have definitely been affected by this globally-transformative era. 

Have you looked back on your New Year's vision-board and wept a little? (All those trips -- gone!) Or felt like you could NEVER escape your kids, no matter how creative you got? ("Mommy why are you eating cookies behind the shower curtain?")... 

I know that all that time and space you used to spend on reflection, self-care, or even...just peeing alone (!) has been replaced by the sounds of your partner telling their work-team, "You're on mute, Carol, press un-mute!". 

Some days you feel #alltheemotions, other days you are "good enough". But in your quietest moments, you sit and wonder:

 “What is the meaning of all this?”

What is Meaning-Quest?

Meaning-Quest is a holistic Group-Quest that provides a safe, intimate space to make meaning of not only 2020, but... well... EVERYTHING. :) 

Starting September 17, this 4 week hands-on, hearts-on supportive ONLINE experience (yes you can still wear your sweatpants) you will be given the structure, venue, and tools to explore how your current experiences are answering life's BIG questions by hiding deeper meanings within them.

Give yourself the time and space to unfold all you've been thinking/feeling and express yourself safely, authentically, and meaningfully. 

Fill up your self-empowerment toolkit with tools that help you:

  • Embrace your sensitive nature: Instead of hiding from the messiness of the world, learn how to FEEL your true emotions and neutralize their power enough to survive, come alive, and thrive 

  • Hold space for yourself (not only others): That's great that you spent 30 minutes helping Carol fix her microphone after the Zoom call, but now learn how to compassionately calm yourself down so you can appreciate the rainbow that came out while you held space for someone else   

  • Reconnect with "Spirit" and "Soul": Need inspiration? Connect with Spirit (all that is), need to get that s#$% done? Connect with your Soul (all you are). Learn the difference between these two ever-present energies and how to connect to them any time!    

  • Recognize challenges as re-directions: Got fired? Chronic Pain? Break-up? Learn how these temporarily awful challenges (and they are awful) are actually guiding you toward a more aligned purpose... if you can be still enough to listen to lessons they are screaming ("You're not meant to be with Brad -- he's emotionally stunted!")

  • Align with your current purpose: Your 2019 purpose is GONE, girl. Stop trying to reconnect! Learn how to find who you are meant to be serving right NOW (even if it's just building a fort out of hoarded toilet paper with your kids... yes, seriously). 

You didn't ask for all this uncertainty...and sadly it's not going anywhere, so let's take this inner-journey together and leave empowered, and armed with "inspired uncertainty".

Who would enjoy Meaning-Quest?

Meaning-Quest was designed with you: a Highly Sensitive Person , empath, or perceptive soul in mind. 

Even if you've never described yourself this way, you tend to be someone who feels life very deeply.

You are a woman/womxn who always finds deeper meaning behind your experiences and misses connecting with others who are on similar paths. 


You are concerned with the BIG questions like "Who am I?", "Why am I here?", and "What am I meant to be doing?". You pick up on the subtle energies around you and process them very deeply. 

Before this sh@#-show of a year rolled around, you had time and space to navel-gaze, engage in self-exploration, and even write in the now-extinct, mythical creature known as a "journal". :)

But sadly now: with the addition of work-from-home, home-schooling, family care-taking, and just plain surviving-a-pandemic, you have no little-to-no time for such indulges as making meaning... 

But you totally miss it. 

And it is starting to wear on you... 

Image by Clarke Sanders

How we do it

This 4-week program was built with our "New Normal" in mind: just enough good stuff to make you excited to be online -- without the yucky Zoom-aftertaste!  

LIVE calls will meet Thursdays September 17, 24, Oct 1, and Oct 8th


at 8pm HKT/8am EST/2pm Euro/10pm Aus Time

Each week focuses on a specific spiritual approach to meaning-making. Engaging videos will give you an in-depth summary of each topic while LIVE calls offer experiential practices to make these meanings and lessons "stick".    

Week 1 (Sept 17): The Horizontal vs. Vertical dimension. Learn what the heck the difference is between these dimensions (hint, you're in the horizontal as you read this and the vertical during an orgasm--big difference!). Practice tapping into the vertical to find how it gives you meaning and purpose.

Week 2 (Sept 24): Spirit vs. Soul. Explore how your relationship to "all that is" (Spirit) and "all you are" (Soul) can offer the wisdom you'll need at different times. Practice how to distinguish between the two in your mind, body, and soul. Learn how to rely on these supportive energies any time. 

Week 3 (Oct 1): Fate vs. Destiny. Feel into your belief in the 'controversial' idea of fate and destiny (spoiler-- I believe in each, but they're not what you think they are!) and how ignoring either of these can lead you too far from your truth. Practice realigning with your purpose by hearing your callings and answering their beckoning.  

Week 4 (Oct 8): Weave it Together. Enough about all these dead guys' ideas on meaning-making: what are YOURS?! How do you sit in uncertainty, grief, and disappointment and still find lessons, meaning, and purpose in life? Practice tying it all together to come out inspired.   

And did I mention you WILL be dancing...


Tell me all the details...


Meaning-Quest has limited seats, making it an intimate group experience. Capped at 12 womxn, you are guaranteed real, personal attention and a safe space to be seen, heard, and held. For even more personal attention, you can choose the VIP-extension for 2 one-on-one coaching sessions. 

🖥️​ 4 x 90 min LIVE Engaging, Experiential Video Calls

This is not a "listen while you scroll social media" type-of-call! Each 90 minute call is actually a mini-workshop guided by me, Dr. Larson and designed to allow you to experience each lesson through your mind, body, and soul. 

We always start in the body: moving, shaking, and yes -- dancing (!) to feel where the experience is living in our body's responses. This strengthens your connection to your somatic wisdom and builds your trust in yourself. We move toward a guided meditation that opens you up to writing/drawing the wisdom coming from Spirit and inside your soul. Later, we share our experiences in a safe, intimate setting. 

💻 4 x 30 min RECORDED Enlightening Training Videos

Wayyyy better than Netflix, you can watch these vids in your own time and explore trusted, ancient spiritual practices for meaning-making and purpose-finding. Starring yours truly, I use all the special effects a video camera and white board can offer! 

Each video explores lesser-known, but super helpful spiritual concepts and practices. Explore why only living in the horizontal dimension will keep you busy chasing fleeting distractions instead of finding deep, lasting meaning; how Spirit and Soul are actually two distinct energies that help you in very different ways; what the difference between Fate and Destiny is and how avoiding your "callings" from each will steer you down a path of confusion versus clarity. 

👯  ONLINE Secret Group for celebrating your "A-ha!"s and commiserating your "Oh-S#$%!"s

Take the intimacy from our weekly calls further into our secret group. Share your celebrations, challenges, and insights and create life-long friendships with like-minded, like-hearted souls. 

Access to this secret group will continue long after Meaning-Quest is finished so you can continue to make deep meanings with your new "high vibe tribe". 

🎨 BONUS Additional resource Link-bundle & Custom Growth-Play Activities (Worth $450 USD!)

Hop down these linked rabbit holes for even juicier nuggets of wisdom and complement them with Dr. Katie's bespoke Growth-Play activities for an essential tool-kit of Growth-inducing activities. 

By far the biggest compliment I get from clients is how perfect my signature hands-on Growth-Play activities are for driving home the lessons they need to GROW! From painting to dancing to gardening and more, Growth-Play gets you out of your comfort zone in safe, fun, and creative ways which are more feminine methods to encourage Growth. 


🖥️ 4 x 90 min LIVE Engaging, Experiential Video Calls

💻 4 x 30 min RECORDED Enlightening Training Videos

👯 ONLINE Secret Group for celebrating your "A-ha!"s and commiserating your "Oh-S#$%!"s

🎨 BONUS Additional resource Link-bundle & Custom Growth-Play Activities (Worth $450 USD!)


Who is my Guide?

I'm Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD -- a Growth and Transformation expert. 

I'm a meaning disciple who brings courageous Highly Sensitive seekers on holistic Quests (inner-journeys) revealing deeper truths about who you are, why you're here, and how you're meant to serve.  

I am also a wife and mother who's got just enough "Zoom-fatigue" to know how to make our 4 calls together the perfect escape for us both! I'm also clairvoyant and clairaudient, so some of these gifts may shine through in our time together!

It was only last year that I discovered I was a Highly Sensitive PersonSure, I knew I was an empath, but once I realized I was an HSP, suddenly my whole life (!) made more sense: my disdain for scratchy fabrics, my attraction to high-stimulation (like carnivals/festivals) that rapidly declines into over-stimulation ("we need to leave NOW!") and even my migraine triggers (smells! bright lights!) that come from an overly sensitive nervous system. 

But being an HSP also explained my inclination for deep thoughts, emotions, and introspection. Like you, my inner-world is very rich and offers me respite from the subtle energies I pick up daily in the outer-world. Something I am still mastering is trying not to manifest the world's pain in my own body: hence my chronic migraines. 

But, through introducing specific practices (which I'll share!) of embodiment, pleasure, and mindset, I have been able to embrace my HSP superpowers and make deep, lasting meaning of who I am and why I'm alive in this crazy era of global transformation. (Spoiler... Meaning-Quest is one of my purposes right now). So, let's unfold together and make it a meaningful journey. 


Who LOVES these sessions? 


Anastasia, Russia

"Katie's sessions make me pause and look back at the lessons I've learned, but more importantly,  how I can become a better version of myself and thrive instead of just surviving... "


Sylvana, UK

"Katie helped me reach a deep level of internal discussion which showed me I actually have "meaning-fatigue" and it's OK to surrender to a higher power looking out for me no matter what..."


Holly, Hong Kong

"Katie's sessions made me appreciate how many other women are needing to slow down right now and indulge in self-care as much as I am..."


Piny, Cambodia

"Katie's energy is contagious! You can really feel when she is shining, and you can't help but leave her shining brighter than you came in!"


Amanda, Hong Kong

"Katie describes the relationship between Spirit and Soul in a really helpful way. After years of only communicating with Spirit, she inspired me to reconnect with my Soul"

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Mariam, Australia

"Katie has an intuitive gift of helping you see the ‘unseen’ in your life. By shining a light on the deeper untapped potential in you, a journey into your Self can be unlocked and explored. Having Katie by your side as you seek is priceless".


Shan, UK

"Katie manages to capture what's inside you by giving your abstract thoughts context. I appreciate the tools she offers to help you deal with any mental or emotional issues. She's intuitive and logical at the same time..."

Image by Meritt Thomas

Claire, Australia

"Katie was so dynamic and enjoyable and really helped me reach a deep level of internal discussion. Nurturing, yet ‘pushing the boundaries’, I highly recommend to anyone wanting to get in greater touch with themselves for a more powerful life journey".

What if I still have Questions? FAQs

Image by Ethan Robertson

If I don't answer your question below, email me (and I will reply to you while I hide in my shower and eat a cookie...)

But first... I bet I can answer some of your FAQs: 

Q: I don't live in Hong Kong, can I still join Meaning-Quest?

A: Yes! I got your time zone covered! The calls are at 8pm Hong Kong Time, but that is perfect for North Americans (8am EST), Europeans (2pm), Africans (2pm) and night-owl Aussies (10pm)...maybe too early for West-Coast Americans (5am) -- but early birds might like it!)

Q: What if I can't attend all the LIVE calls? 

A: Don't stress! I ask you to attend at least 2 out of the 4 calls (because you won't want to miss the engaging experiences!) but each will be recorded and if you miss one or two you can watch them later.

Q: What if I don't have time to watch the 30 minute training video each week?

A: If you can't put the vid on in the background while you cook or get dressed, it's OK. You get access to the Youtube link for life so you can go back to them at any point. I find my videos make a great pairing with dark chocolate and a glass of wine. :)


Q: Are you seriously making us dance? Like we don't have to really dance, do we?

A: First of all, your camera will be turned off, so just you (and your cat?) will be able to watch, but the feedback I get from my clients is that the dancing is their favorite part -- a truly feminine way to get out of your head and embody Growth and meaning-making. Second of all, I will keep my camera ON so you can laugh at me dancing the whole time if you're not into it that night... (and it's usually only two songs, so chill!)

Q: What the heck is Growth-Play? I can't even draw, please don't make me draw! 

A: Growth-Play are my signature hands-on activities for encouraging real, lasting Growth (can you tell I am a teacher). It's what I am "famous" for as a coach and not only do I only get positive feedback about it, but I even have some clients that say they continue to do them long after their package is through! Drawing and other arts are covered (hello water-colors!), but so are movement, journaling...and even sex (everyone wants that one!). Growth-Play are bespoke to our collective experiences, so once our group calls start, the Growth-Play will be shared in the secret group for anyone to try!  

Q: I feel like I join so many "online courses" and then never finish them. Will I do that here?

A: Girl, I feel you-- I was that kid that used to pile a heaping plate of EVERYTHING at buffets and my parents would say "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!" But then I learned how to read my boundaries and know what I was and was not able to allow into my life. I need you to feel into your body whether or not you have the capacity this right now. If you honestly, don't -- trust your instincts. 

Q: What does all "womxn" welcome mean?

A: It means that Meaning-Quest is inclusive of anyone who identifies as a female, trans, non-binary or other womxn. Meaning-Quest hopes to be open to men in the future, but will focus solely on womxn this session. 

Q: Why only 12 for this Group-Quest?

A: When I sit down and create any offering I 'practice what I preach' and FEEL into my capacity for holding space for others. I feel confident that any more than 12 would make this experience too hectic, and I want each person in the group to feel that they can be their authentic self and get to know the others authentically. 


Q: What if I don't consider myself a "Highly Sensitive Person", empath or perceptive?

A: You might not have ever heard these terms before, right? If you don't consider yourself one of the above, do you feel the world deeply? Do you have a rich inner-world and emotional-life? Do you process things on a deep level, or perhaps feel the world's energy more than others? Do you crave meaning and think about big-picture questions? If you answered "YES" to any of those questions-- YOU are RIGHT for this Quest. If none of those resonate with you, you might not enjoy it. (PS-- take this quiz if you want to know if you are HSP)

Q: Gosh, I love the sound of all this, but I just can't make it this time! How else can I work with you?

A: I know-- things just don't always line up perfectly. There are plenty of ways to work with me and if you made it all the way to the end of this FAQ, I will give you a $50 USD discount on any of my other services just for reading them all! Just simply write me an email saying "Let's Grow...but for $50 less, because I read all those FAQs, OK?" and I will laugh out loud, and then we can get started!


I look forward to making meaning with you, 



Check out some mini-videos on "Meaning-Matters" from my Facebook page!

Still Unsure ?

call me

Hey, this is a big investment if we've never met, so maybe we should try each other on for size! Use this 30 minute complimentary coaching call to feel into if we are a good fit!

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