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A Self Discovery

Grow into YOU

Me-Quest offers a time and space for Self discovery. Through the use of GrowthPlay you will explore all aspects of what makes you YOU.

Experience deep, engaging activities that will remind you of your fullness, wholeness, and greatness. Leave feeling more connected to your true self, the greater world, and your purpose in it.    

Why Join Me-Quest?

Do any of these thoughts feel familiar? 

"Even though I have been through a lot of schooling, I never really learned how to discover who I actually am..."

"I know there is more to me than just what I do for a job, but I don't know where to start ..." 

"I just wish I had more tools to help me begin my personal journey..." 

Who are you...really? 

When you introduce yourself, what do you say?


How do you KNOW yourself? 


Who are you now and 

who you have always been?  

Featured Series: digital detox

In this series we're going analog! Instead of a "life re-boot", we are going to have a "life de-boot"

and get back to basics. Forget You 2.0, let's focus on You 1.0 first. 

Session 1: Come to Your Senses

Forget Instagramming your food-let's REALLY taste it! We revisit the power of your 5 bodily-senses: Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch and Taste; as well as your extra senses of perception, imagination, and intuition. Remember the extraordinary abilities you have as a human and how you can better embrace these sensory and extra-sensory skills in your daily life.  

Session 2: Self-Discovery

Forget silly Facebook Quizzes--let's REALLY self-discover! We explore aspects of yourself that you may not have been introduced to yet. Meet your Archetypes, Gods, Goddesses, and Heroic-self. Learn how recognizing these multi-dimensional aspects of yourself can guide you toward a more courageous, authentic, and meaningful life. 

Session 3: Analog Creative Arts 

Forget Snap-chat filters--let's REALLY create! We will use various media (paint, drawing, clay, and collage) to represent real human emotions. Better understand the word-less emotions and sentiments that we all experience by creating art that "speaks" this symbolic language. 

Come Re-Join

Team Human

Let's drop the digital distractions and remember just how great our humanity is...

In this three-hour workshop you will: 

Benefits Include: 

+ A more profound relationship with our natural world 

+ Proven methods of how to re-engage your senses so you can really enjoy the present moment

+ More meaningful interactions with others as a result of using your intuition 

Session 1: Come to Your Senses