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Want to chat with me, but prefer taking your time to gather your thoughts? Join a monthly Email Plan and discuss your inner-journey via the written word. 

For 30 days you will have unlimited access to Dr. Larson's inbox (during her waking hours!). Create longer, thoughtful messages or share quick "epiphanies" as you go. Expect personal replies with helpful links that will point you in the right direction. This plan is perfect for those on a budget or who prefer to gather their thoughts properly. 

$2000 HKD per month for unlimited email messages

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Ground Yourself by speaking freely via video calls with Dr. Larson 

Be fully seen and heard in this package of 3 video coaching calls. Each call is 75 minutes and will be held over Zoom, What's App or Skype. Coaching Calls are bundled in 3 because of the beautiful arc this creates: your experience will unfold as an inner-journey unto itself.

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$3500 HKD for package of three 75 minute coaching calls   

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Let Yourself Unfold in this comprehensive, holistic coaching package 

Enjoy a full journey with this complete coaching package.

Begin with a 90 minute coaching call to share a full story of your journey and where you'd like to Grow. Continue with two holistically-driven 75 minute coaching calls and follow the arc of your Quest. Practice what you learn along the way with 5 personalized Growth-Play activities. Share your insights and epiphanies with unlimited email access to Dr. Larson while your package lasts. 

If you are ready to Let Yourself Unfold simply fill out the interest form below and you will be sent a calendar link for your first call. 

$5000 HKD for 3 coaching calls, 5 customized Growth-Play activities, and unlimited email access with Dr. Larson

(~645 USD, ~525 GBP, ~1000 AUD, ~905 CAD, ~600 EUR)


GrowthQuests is based in Hong Kong and is available for local and global workshops 

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